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ROBLOX RoCitiziens Guide 2020


RoCitiziens has come to ROBLOX, a wonderful game for those who like city adventures. Visit the cinema, the supermarket, buy a house or a wonderful car. Explore the city in search of the most impressive places, but don’t forget that you have to work.

Origin and Curiosities of RoCitienziens

RoCitiziens was created by Firebrand1, one of the players within the Roblox community. The game has had a great reception, getting up to a total of 500 million visits.

This life simulator places the player inside a big city where you must develop all the game activity. You will be able to take long tours, so it is advisable to buy a car as soon as possible.

Share with other people the wonderful experience of living inside RoCitiziens, although sometimes it may mean having to do some extra work. With all the money you get you can buy in the stores within the game, as well as eat and of course, buy a good house to rest. These should certainly be the first goals in the game.

RoCitiziens is a very entertaining game where you can spend hours with your friends. Visit all the places in the game and even go to the movies with them. Ride the school bus and tour the school to visit the classrooms and discover one of its hidden spaces.

Tips and Tricks within RoCitiziens

The first thing you should do is choose the gender and appearance of your avatar, remember that you can change it whenever you consider. Most of the tasks that will be within the game will depend on your choice. At the beginning you should invest all your time in investigating all the nooks and crannies of the city.

To open the doors within the game, just click on them. You should also repeat this action when you want to part a curtain or turn the lights on or off in a room.

Interact and Research at RoCitiziens

In RoCitiziens there are a wide variety of actions to be taken from socializing with the townspeople to completing the different missions that will be assigned to you. By completing them you will get rewards and money.

It is also highly advisable to get a job. To do this, you only have to activate the blue circle that you can see in the work area. Decide well the job you want to do since it will depend on the money they will pay you to do it. Don’t worry because at RoCotiziens there is always work to do.

Learning a trade takes time and you should familiarize yourself with it at first. So keep an eye on the phone inside the game to see if you have any important messages. In addition, it will be a good way to chat privately with other players or be invited to an event or party. You can even host one!

With the same system you can finish a job or leave it, if you don’t end up liking it. To do this you just have to access the menu and look in the right tab “End Shift”.

When you don’t have money to buy a house, the game gives you a rental apartment. Since you will need that money to be able to eat since while you play the hunger level goes up.

In the workshop you can not only buy a car but you can also tune it to your liking. To do this, you must first earn enough money, once you do, you will see that moving around the city is a breeze.

In the most Grand Theft Auto style, you can get a job as a thief and steal. Although it will not always be the bad guy. In RoCitiziens, you can also take on the role of a policeman and chase players who choose the path of evil.

RoCitiziens ROBLOX Codes

Thanks to our RoCitiziens promocodes you will get valuable rewards within the game. With them you can earn more money and accelerate some of the actions you can take, such as buying your first car. Don’t waste your time searching the internet! We have all the codes of this wonderful game.


RoCitiziens promocodes

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  • XMAS19
  • Rocitizens6th
  • code
  • Rocitizens5th
  • truefriend
  • onfleek
  • discord
  • untimely
  • luckyduck
  • makeitrain
  • sweettweets
  • rainyday
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Similar games to RoCitiziens ROBLOX

RoCitiziens has many similarities with some very popular games , which makes it a great choice if you want to spend an afternoon with friends in a similar game, then we will show you the most similar ones.

The Sims

This classic life simulator created by Will Wright is a best seller. Simulate the life of a person in a neighborhood, look for work and create friendship bonds. He lives in the city, does it sound familiar? Yes! RoCitiziens is perhaps the most SIMS-like game on the ROBLOX platform.

Grand Theft Auto

The long-lived Grand Theft Auto saga is undoubtedly another clear reference when comparing RoCitiziens, but don’t be fooled. Although it may seem like it, Grand Theft Auto is aimed at a much older audience than the ROBLOX game.

Pros and Cons of Playing RoCitiziens

RoCitiziens is a great bet if you want your child to have an entertaining afternoon without taking risks. We are talking about a game suitable for all audiences. Still, as usual in Mundoblox, we are going to reel off the Pros and Cons of this wonderful game.


  • It is a very peaceful game that lacks violence.
  • You can interact with your friends in a safe environment.
  • Promotes values ​​of cooperation and teamwork.


  • Adult supervision is needed to control the chat. Although it is advisable to educate the minor in taking precautionary measures.
  • You have to control the connection hours to avoid a high overexposure to the game.
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