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ROBLOX Emotes and Commands List 2020


One of the funniest features within ROBLOX is the ability to perform Commands and Emotes with the characters. Don’t you know these actions? Stop spending hours looking for a complete list of commands in ROBLOX and take action. Our list is the most complete and sure that it will be of great help to have a great time without spending a single ROBUX.

What are Roblox Commands?

ROBLOX commands are very simple codes that are used within the game so that our character can perform a certain action. If you want to see your avatar dance or interact with the other avatars of the other players, you will need these commands.

The operation is quite simple, when the player writes a certain code within the chat, the avatar will make a kind of emote that will help in the interaction of the characters within the game without having to be writing dialogue in the game’s chat.

How to Activate Emotes in ROBLOX?

In order to use the Roblox commands it is necessary to activate the chat. This step is very simple, you just have to go to the upper left area of ​​the screen and click on the messages icon. Another way to do this is by pressing the “Shift” key + the number “7” on the keyboard above the keyboard.

Once the forward slash “/” has been added, only a question mark “?” – or the word “help” – to be able to access in-game help. With this function the player has all the possible information on the use of the commands within ROBLOX. There are many other hidden emotes that can be discovered if you investigate well.

To activate an emote, just activate a simple action within the chat. You must type a letter e (“/ e”) . When leaving a space, only one of the codes from our list should be entered.

Buy Commands for ROBLOX

You can find many of the Emotes for free in the ROBLOX Store. However, many players have located some payment commands that add a bonus to your avatar. Remember that the use of ROBUX is not necessary!

List of Basic Roblox Commands

You must remember that each command must include “/ e” in the chat bar, so you only have to add the word that is offered in each list.


  • wave ⇨ This command is used within the game to wave.
  • point ⇨ When this command is executed the avatar points.
  • cheer ⇨ With this command you can cheer on other players.
  • laugh ⇨ Make your avatar laugh with this command.
  • dance ⇨ Activate this command and watch your avatar dance.
  • dance2 ⇨ Like the previous one but with a different dance style.
  • dance3 ⇨ Another dance option for this command.

All ROBLOX Commands to make Emotes

As experience is gained, the number of commands and emotes within ROBLOX can be increased. Remember that you can access them for free within the store. Look for the Emotes category in the Catalog and there they will be at your disposal.COMMANDS LIST

  • sleep ⇨ The avatar goes to sleep.
  • thumbsup ⇨ A thumbs up is always good.
  • beg ⇨ The player will begin to beg. It is effect before some pious enemy.
  • blowkiss ⇨ This command allows the player to blow.
  • bow ⇨ Your avatar will make a bow gesture with its arms.
  • cell ⇨ Making a call in the middle of the game gives you an interesting touch.
  • watch ⇨ The avatar puts his finger on his eye.
  • excited ⇨ Your avatar will start jumping with excitement.
  • chestpuff ⇨ The avatar will open a simulated chest
  • choke ⇨ Your avatar simulates how it chokes
  • clap ⇨ You can clap your teammates
  • head ⇨ Your avatar will take his head (if you hear).
  • strong ⇨ A very cool hefty pose.
  • fistpound ⇨ Fist up
  • flex ⇨ Your avatar will do push-ups.
  • pose ⇨ Will show a pose of good attitude
  • evillaugh ⇨ An evil and terrifying laugh.
  • observe ⇨ You warn others that they have to observe.
  • pickup ⇨ The avatar will make the pickup gesture
  • picture ⇨ You just have to say “cheeseee” for the photo
  • point ⇨ Pointing out is rude.

List of Funny Commands within ROBLOX

Some commands are really amazing. Have a good time with your friends laughing as you execute the funniest emotes within all of ROBLOX! You will be highly recognized within the entire community.COMMANDS LIST

  • smokebomb ⇨ Like a good ninja will launch a smoke bomb.
  • shake ⇨ You will get agista compulsively.
  • rest ⇨ A little rest is always good.
  • flirt ⇨ Your avatar will start flirting with others.
  • no ⇨ Your character will shake his head
  • confused ⇨ Your avatar looks confused.
  • read ⇨ Your character will start to read.
  • rude ⇨ Make the rude
  • greet ⇨ Greet with sympathy.
  • search ⇨ The avatar starts searching.
  • bringit ⇨ Makes the gesture of asking for a game to be brought to you.
  • wary ⇨ Your avatar will tiptoe stealthily.
  • drink ⇨ A sip to cool off.
  • cry ⇨ Crying has been said!
  • walkie ⇨ They call you by walkie talkie

Do Administrators have Special Commands?

The ROBLOX community is divided between players and game administrators or moderators . If you are interested in being a moderator, visit our tutorial on how to be an administrator within ROBLOX

You should know that if you are you have moderator or administrator rights, you will get some different options from the rest of the players. The role of the moderator is, as the word says, to help the community improve, that is, to moderate it.

To do this, you will be able to perform completely different commands from those of the other players. In addition, you can do them without the need to write in the chat. When you are a moderator, an avatar will appear in the upper left margin that when you click it, it will show the different emotes that you have previously equipped.

This is an advantage in terms of communication speed , but being able to execute the commands from the chat means that you are not limited to having to equip them before entering a game.


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