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How to Play ROBLOX?


Are you looking for a fun game that will entertain you for hours? Have you discovered Roblox recently but don’t know where to start? At RobloxLogin we want to teach you how to play Roblox on each of the different platforms. Explore all your creativity to the fullest and create fun playable environments for you and your friends. Share experiences in a community prepared for you, you just have to start playing.

The first steps in Roblox

Once you have downloaded the game you just have to register your account and start setting up the environment. The most common is to browse among the more than 60 million games and enter. There are games of many types and you should be the one to decide if the chosen one is the right one for you or not. At RobloxLogin we have made a selection of the best Roblox games to start playing without having to worry about the protection of your son or daughter.

How To Play Roblox with the keyboard

The first thing to keep in mind is that different movement systems can be used in Roblox. Among the most common are the computer mouse and keyboard. In the following guide we are going to teach you how to play Roblox with your pc keyboard.

Move with the WASD keys

Maybe you’ve ever wondered what the WASD keys are , don’t worry, the answer is very simple, WASD comes from the individual union of the keyboard keys where W corresponds to the up direction, the left, the S key down and D on the right. They are the equivalent in the left area of ​​the keyboard to the arrows in the lower right area. Within the game you can move with your character using these keys , as well as the classic arrows.

The space serves to jump

The space bar usually has the utility of working as a spacer – hence its word – between texts. Instead, in multiple games its function is to jump. Many characters jump thanks to the keyboard space bar and in Roblox too.

The mouse controls the camera

One of the first things you should do when you start playing Roblox is to get used to controlling the camera. The mouse guides it and in it you will find different functions such as:

  • Keep the right mouse pressed and move the time: You will move the camera to the right, left or you will make 360º turns

Climbing stairs in motion

To climb the stairs in Roblox you just have to go to them by pressing the W key. In this way your character will go up them automatically, you must get used to this mechanic since it will be something quite frequent in any game within Roblox.

Interact with the world

The “click” , “copy” and “delete” tools are the way to interact within the Roblox world. Inside this world you will have to find several objects and once you find them they will give you the possibility to interact with them. Here’s what each function does:

  • The “click” function moves the selected object.
  • The “copy” function creates a copy (what a surprise!) Of the object you have selected.
  • The “delete” function deletes or destroys the object in question.

Set up the camera

In Roblox there are two camera modes that you can use during each game, the “Classic” mode and the “Follow” mode .

  • In Classic mode, the camera remains fixed at a point that you can change in the settings manually. If you press the right mouse button and drag, you can also change the point of view within the game.
  • In Follow mode, the camera chases the character and adapts to his position.

These two camera modes can also be referred to as a free camera or a fixed camera , something more common within the video game sector.

Reset the character in Roblox

One of the most interesting functions when playing Roblox is the possibility of “resetting” the character by pressing the R key. This function is very useful for when you get stuck in a wall or your character loses any limb. If you press the R key on the keyboard, you will automatically reappear at the starting point.

Press “ESC” and leave the game

When you decide to finish playing Roblox, just a small gesture will suffice. Pressing the ESC key on the keyboard is a widely used resource within the game both to permanently leave Roblox , and to change and access another world. By activating this menu you can decide which actions you prefer to do, simple but effective.

Learn to chat with the keyboard

One of the great features of Roblox is the ability to communicate within the game environment through a chat. This is activated with the “/” key found on the numeric block or with the combination of the “Shift + 7” keys . In RobloxLogin.Net we have created a tutorial with all the commands that you can use in chat and thus communicate quickly and effectively with all your friends.

How To Play Roblox with a console controller

With the arrival of Roblox to the multiplatform system we can find other ways to control the game. The Xbox One controller covers all functions when playing Roblox. As you can see in the DOWNLOAD section of our website, it is a comfortable and simple way to play without having to learn more than one command.

In addition, you can also connect the remote to your computer and configure it to dispense with the use of the keyboard and mouse if this system is uncomfortable for you.

How To Play Roblox on touch devices

Although this part of the essence of the game is lost , such devices will be connected a keyboard and mouse to enhance interaction. The touch buttons on the screen are somewhat uncomfortable and at the moment the creation tool is not completely defined. In some games you will notice that feeling of limitation a lot since even if Roblox is suitable for this type of device, its optimization still has a lot of room for improvement.

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