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How to get Fast money on Adopt Me Roblox


The Roblox Game has increased exponentially in recent times, reaching quite surprising numbers of monthly active players, this they have achieved thanks to the loyalty of the players and their multi-universe .

Just as you read! One of the most attractive things about this game are the hundreds of maps available , without letting its multiplatform system pass, allowing anyone to enter its universe, whether from the computer, Xbox One console or totally free mobile phones .

If you belong to the Roblox community, you should know that a wide variety of servers and different themes are available on the platform to fully enjoy: races, crossing obstacles, online stores, battle royale and the most popular Role Play games.

In this genre of video games, maps abound on Roblox ; however, the most famous and popular so far is Adopt Me! , with more than 500 thousand users connected and playing simultaneously.

As it is a Role Play map, it is necessary to have coins in order to emerge within the game and acquire properties, accessories, objects and much more. If you don’t know how to do it, in this article you will learn the best tricks to get money fast in Adopt Me! in a 100% legal way.

HowTo Get Money In Adopt Me ?

Adopt Me! is a Role Play-style map where you will have a house, family, pets and whose objective will be to improve your home little by little, acquiring equipment , cars, clothes, accessories and everything you want within the universe.

Now You can Earn money on Adopt Me! safely with these foolproof tricks

Of course, to achieve this it is necessary to have Bucks (the official currency of Adopt Me!), Since without that purchasing power you will not be able to buy anything that is in the store.

Logically, the easiest way to get them is through the purchase of Robux , which you can then exchange for several Bucks. However, we know that not everyone has real money . In this case, all you have to do is follow these tricks that we will mention below:

how to get money in adopt me

Log in daily

When starting a game for the first time in Adopt Me! You will be a creditor of a certain amount of Bucks , in this way you will have some capital to buy what you think is convenient.

Only then, the game developers keep their players excited and incentivize them to keep playing . The more days you connect, the amount won will be even higher.

Do all the activities

We mentioned earlier that the genre of Adopt Me! is Role Play, so you will have to carry out various activities , most of them are from daily life such as: eating, drinking water, bathing, going out to have fun, camping, among others.

This in order to increase your skills , and best of all, once you have completed the tasks you will be rewarded with a certain amount of Bucks . These activities will appear at the top of the screen, reflected with a representative icon, you just have to click on one of them and follow the instructions.

Always stay in the game

Another way to earn money Adopt Me! it’s just playing. This is another way for the video game to thank its most dedicated users. Every 20 minutes you spend inside Adopt Me! You will be credited with 20 Bucks .

You will know that you will have won because a check for 20 Bucks will be reflected during the game , you will only have to click on collect so that it is reflected in your account and that’s it.

Caring or self-care

In Adopt Me! You will have the possibility to take care of the babies of other users , and at the end of the shift (usually about 4-6 hours) you will earn the agreed reward . However, this work is not as common within the community.

The solution to earn money while taking care of a child is by becoming a child yourself. In this way when you take care of yourself you will earn Bucks for that, you can also ask your friends to be like children and you take care of them for a while to have an extra income.

Create your micro business

The universe of Adopt Me! It is full of various ways to earn free money very quickly , one of them is by creating your own business , this can be done by acquiring one of the available positions such as: Hot dogs, ice cream, drinks, popcorn, pizzas, cakes, among others.

Once you get the desired food stall, it is advisable to build it in a fairly crowded place, since this way you can increase the chances that someone will buy you. One of the wonders of these food stores is that it is possible to set the sale price and thus compete with other members.

Donation system

This trick is essential if you have a fairly large list of friends . In this sense, start a party in your home and invite all your fellow adventurers. If you want to have a mega party, you can invite everyone who is on the map, the more people go to your house, the better.

Once you have made the invitation, just in front of the entrance, place a cash register, then on the wall, place an advertisement saying: “Donations accepted” or something like that. Most likely, one of your guests makes a donation and you can get free coins.

These are the most reliable tricks that exist to get fast money in Adopt Me! , we recommend that you follow each one of them to the letter and you will see how your wallet levels up.


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