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How to Eliminate Lag in ROBLOX?


You are in the middle of a game and suddenly you begin to notice that your game is slow , that some players appear and disappear or worse you have constant crashes within the server. This effect is known as lag and can be suffered for different reasons. In Mundoblox we are going to give you different tips to try to solve your lag in Roblox.

In this tutorial you will eliminate lag by improving your gaming experience. Do not be scared because the steps that we are going to follow are very simple and detailed so if you get lost, you will only have to reread from the previous step. Eliminate lag in Roblox and start enjoying all the excitement of your favorite games.

But… What is lag?

If you do not know the meaning of this concept, we will explain in a simple way everything you need to know to understand it. Lag is understood as the excessive and repeated delay between the signal that is sent between the internet server and the client (us). That is to say, when the connection is very slow and the game slows down, we can suffer the effects of lag.

So when you are performing normal actions within the game such as running, dancing or jumping and you notice certain blocks that interrupt the action, you can suspect that you are suffering from lag.

When do you know you have lag on Roblox?

In Roblox as in any video game it is very easy to know when you suffer from lag. If you are a regular video game player or a natural Internet user, you will see that sometimes the actions are not fluid. The characters perform choppy acts and the character appears deformed. Ultimately, lag is a process in which the game stops going at its “natural” pace to slow down and hinder the gaming experience.

What are the main reasons for the appearance of lag?

One of the most important tasks to perform when lag appears is knowing how to recognize what it may be due to. Here is a list that you should keep in mind when these connection cuts appear:

  1. See if the server of your game is very far from your country.
  2. There is a high mass of players playing the same game.
  3. The game is hosted on a server that has insufficient processing.
  4. Your computer does not meet the minimum requirements for the game.
  5. The internet connection in your home is very weak or dropped.

If the appearance of lag within Roblox is due to the first 3 causes, you will not be able to do anything. Everything will depend on the Roblox workers and their good work. However, if it is due to any of the last 2 causes, then we will tell you which may be the best solution.

Eliminate or reduce lag on Roblox

Here are four simple methods to reduce or eliminate lag in your home. You will have to try with each one of them until you find what is the real reason for your connection cuts. Surely you will see the results in each of them, if not, you should understand that it is a more serious case and perhaps it is better to contact your server.

Tip 1 – Move the router around

If possible, try to place your home router in an area that is clear or very close to your computer. If you play from a laptop, it is probably easier to get closer to the router. Consider that in many homes the router is located in an area of ​​the home quite far from the playground. Walls cause significant signal losses. If you cannot move your router and your computer is a desktop computer, you can try to buy a wifi amplifier so that the signal reaches you.

Tip 2 – Close the other programs that you do not use

We have a large number of programs installed inside the computer that are constantly connecting to the internet (in the background). Even if you think that this does not have much influence on the performance of your game, it does not. Each program in the background is a consumption that reduces your connection capacity.

If you notice that your games are slow, force close all the programs that you are not using and that you suspect are consuming the internet. It goes without saying that if you are playing from the browser you must close all those tabs and leave only the one for the game you want to enjoy.

Tip 3 – Reduce the consumption of your pc graphics

When entering the game, press the escape key on the computer (ESC) , to force the game menu to exit. Once there, go into settings and look for the graphics section within Roblox. You will see that these are preconfigured in automatic. C ámbialos to manual configuration and requirements put graphics at the lowest possible values.

Think that by doing this step you will lose a lot of quality in the game but by not forcing the graphics card its performance will improve significantly.

Tip 4 – Handle Windows like a pro

For the last method you will need Roblox to be running on Windows since the following commands will not exist on other platforms:

  1. Press the Start key (Windows symbol) + R
  2. In the search engine type the following application “appdata”
  3. Once a window opens, look for the Local folder
  4. There you will find another folder with the name of the game, Roblox (open it)
  5. In this there is a subfolder called Versions (open it)
  6. If when you enter it, you see two folders, you must open the second one. You will see that its name is something like “version-XXXX” where X is a combination of numbers and letters.
  7. Find the PlatformContent folder
  8. Inside it find the PC folder
  9. Once inside you will see a folder called “Textures”
  10. And there delete all the folders that appear. Be careful DO NOT DELETE the files!

When you finish you will notice that the game has gained in fluidity and that the cuts in the game have already disappeared. If you do not trust or are afraid of losing some important data, make a copy of the last folder and erase without fear since you can replace the data again.

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