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How to Create Your Own Clothes in ROBLOX 2020


Do you have the soul of a designer or clothing designer? Did you know that selling clothes on Roblox is the best way to get Robux? One of the best ways to be different in the game is to look different. Being someone recognizable in the game will make them notice you more. Would you like to create your own clothes in ROBLOX? Do you think it is something very difficult? At RobloxLogin we have developed a step-by-step guide for you to model your own shirts and pants in a very simple way.

⭐ What are ROBLOX Templates or T-Shirts?

The t-shirts inside ROBLOX are images that everyone can upload and put on their avatar. Within the game platform you can create and wear any type of suit, shirt or pants within ROBLOX. You can also buy the clothes that are available in the in-game store , although these can cost you some Robux. In the same way, you have endless templates available on the net to create your own fashion line.

Here is a simple free tutorial for you to be able to explore your creativity and display it within the game. You will only need to be part of Roblox Premium (if you later want to sell your creations).

⚠️ You will see that in some web pages that are not updated, the Builder’s Club is mentioned as a requirement to be able to create your clothes and put them inside Roblox. Don’t worry Bulider’s Club is now Roblox Premium! ⚠️

⭐ Necessary material to Create your Clothes in ROBLOX

Before starting you will need to have at your disposal a series of mandatory material to start creating your clothes. We have prepared all the material so you don’t have to search for it online.

🧡 Official ROBLOX Clothing Templates

In Roblox there is not much complication in the wardrobe of the avatar, shirt and pants, the rest are accessories that are built separately. However, you can draw a sticker for your shirt drawing taking into account that it must have a size of 128 x 128 pixels.

The shirts and pants, on the other hand, wrap the entire outline of the avatar covering his body. This option gives us the possibility of having greater control over the design of the character’s clothing. To start, you can use the official Roblox clothing templates (below) where you can draw and design your models.

🧡 Do not Modify the Measurements of the ROBLOX Clothing Template

The size of the above templates is 585 x 559 pixels (width x height). In order for Roblox to accept your shirt and pants models without degenerating them, DO NOT MODIFY their measurements. If for any reason you have modified them, you can return to the previous links and download them again.

🧡 How to make Clothes in ROBLOX with an Editing Program?

In order to design your clothes you will need a basic editing program. Although you can use the same Paint on your computer, we recommend other free or paid options that can work with vector graphics. So if you don’t want to spend a lot of money you can choose between GIMP , Paint.NET , InkScape or the paid version Illustrator.

You should note that each template has parts that are “folded” and wrapped around the body, arms, and legs of the generic Roblox character. Below we offer you a table with all the sizes of each of the parts of the template that can be very useful.

ShapeSize (width x height)Pieces of clothing
Big square128 x 128 pixelsFront and back of the torso
Tall rectangle68 x 128 pixelsSides of torso (R, L)
Sides of arms / legs (L, B, R, F)
Wide rectangle128 x 64 pixelsUpper and lower torso
Small square64 x 64 pixelsUpper and lower arms / legs (U, D)

⚠️ We recommend that you do not extend the design of the pants on the R15 clothing so that the shoe area is not confused with the pants area. It is necessary that you delimit this area very well on the template and do not extend the drawing towards the pants area. ⚠️

Now you have everything you need to start designing your clothes!

⭐ How to Create your Clothes in ROBLOX?

In the following guide you will learn step by step what you should do if you want to start designing your new Roblox template. Remember that if you get lost you should always go back to the previous step.

🧡 Open the Graphics Editing Program

In our case we have chosen Paint.NET to simplify the process.

Using the File – Open option, load the template that you previously downloaded from our website. In it you will see areas painted in colors that symbolize different parts of the avatar’s clothing.

  •  light blue : part of the shoulders and shirt seen from above
  •  dark blue : part of the back and arms rear view
  • red : part of the chest and arms in front view
  • green : part of shirt and arms in side view
  • yellow : part of the inside of the arms
  • orange : part of the arms from a close-up view (or from below)

You can paint each part of color as you consider, let your creativity fly. Remember that you can also put your logo on clothing as a personal badge.

Remember that it is important not to superimpose an image over the limits or edges of the model, otherwise Roblox will not accept it and you will have to start over. When you finish the model you will have to return to the menu in the option Save As and in format you can choose the extensions .jpg or .png

If you cannot find this option, you can search to export the project in the menu option File – Export as … and there define the previously specified format.

🧡 Upload your Designs to ROBLOX

Once your clothes have been created and saved in the aforementioned formats, it’s time to upload your new purchase to the Roblox platform. To do this you must go to the Create menu and look for the option “T-Shirts” (t-shirts), Pants (Pants) or “Shirts” depending on your option.

Click on the “Browse” button and find the folder where you saved your templates. Choose the one you have created for this occasion and upload it by clicking on the Upload button.

Once the upload is finished you can go to the character editor and in your designs you will find the new luggage for your avatar. You already have everything you need to tease your friends with your new in-game design. Grab your coolest clothes and show them how to play Roblox. You already have everything you need to hesitate!

The first design may not be very creative but as you experiment with the graphic editor you will be able to make unique and original models that will be the envy of other players. However, if you do not want to invest time or do not think you are creative enough to create your own clothing line, in the TEMPLATES section we have compiled endless templates so that you can download and upload them to Roblox and dress your avatar.

⭐ How to Earn ROBUX Selling Your Clothes on ROBLOX?

If you think this tutorial is over, you are very wrong. Now the really interesting part of the process begins. Since Roblox rewards content creators by letting them sell their products. Yes, you heard right. On ROBLOX you can sell your clothing designs by getting a large amount of ROBUX for free.

If you go back to the Create menu and choose the piece of clothing you have made, you will see that on the far right it comes out like a gear wheel. If you click on it , a menu of options will open in which you can make a description of the garment in question.

There you will see that the option to sell this item “Sell this Item” appears . You can activate this box and put a price (in Robux) to your garment. Our advice is not to set exaggeratedly high values ​​between 10 and 50 Robux can be fine. In case of closing a sale, you will receive 70% of the profit and Roblox will keep the other 30%.

⚠️ We advise you not to sell models taken from templates on the internet since you will not be able to sell as it is completely free. You also run the risk of being penalized or banned by an administrator. ⚠️


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