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How to Create your Game in ROBLOX easily in 2020?


Although it may not seem like it, creating a game in ROBLOX is something much simpler than it seems. Don’t worry if at first you feel like you don’t really know how to start. This process is normal, but you will soon see that you are improving little by little. ROBLOX Studio hides many tools that will open up many possibilities to incorporate into your game. At Robloxlogin we have created a very simple step-by-step tutorial so that you can create a ROBLOX game in a few minutes. Do you dare to accept the challenge? Let’s go!

Download ROBLOX Studio

Enter the official roblox page and in the menu on the top bar you will see the word “Create” . There a page will open showing different videos. Click on “Start creating . ” If this is the first time you click it, ROBLOX Studio will be installed.

Open ROBLOX Studio

Opening Roblox Studio is very simple , the same “Start creating” button detects if the correct version of the program exists on your computer and executes it. Now you should have a screen with many types of games to create.

Choose the Template to Create your Game in ROBLOX

There are several preset game options within Roblox Studio. As you become familiar with the Roblox environment, you will be able to explore all the types of video games that the platform can create. But for this tutorial we are going to choose the base template ‘BASEPLATE’. Since in it you can explore a world from scratch without any preloaded element.

We start to Create your Game for ROBLOX

This point is very important, when the new template opens you will see that a large number of options and commands appear. Do not panic! Little by little you will discover its function and what now seems very complicated will become something super easy to do.

Create the First Object in ROBLOX

Go to the top menu tabs and choose the HOME option . There you will find a brick with the name ‘Part’ . If you click it will appear on the screen. You can create other types of objects if you open the menu. Although at the moment we will not need it.

Resize, Rotate and Move your Brick

With the menu options you can vary the predefined brick, these functions are:

  • Scale: You can change the shape of your pieces, lengthening or increasing the height. Explore and choose the way you like best.
  • Move: Move your brick by choosing the direction with the colored arrows that appear on them.
  • Rotate: Rotate your bricks leaving them in different directions or impossible inclinations.

Eliminate the Terrain without fear

Ready to go crazy? We are going to eliminate the terrain that Roblox Studio gives us. Go to the window on the right and look for the “Explorer” box . There you will see a Workspace drop-down that when selected will show all those objects that interact in your video game. Select the object under the name “BasePlate” and hit the delete key. You will automatically see how everything on the central screen turns into a wonderfully blue sky.

If you have created a brick this will be the only thing that appears in the game. Now things are starting to get interesting. We continue!

Create a “Spawn” point in ROBLOX

“Spawn” point is a place where your avatar will appear every time you start a game or die. Remember that if you do not put this element you will not be able to start any game. Do not forget! To include it you must go to the menu and select the MODEL tab . Look on the right of the menu for the symbol of a sun. Click and a new brick with this symbol will appear on your map. You already have a Spawn point! Simple, right?

Design Your First Platformer Game in ROBLOX

Now you have everything you need to build your first roblox platformer. Create different types of platforms on Roblox with a simple function, duplicate.

If you choose a brick, whatever size it is and press “Control + D” you will create an exact copy of it right above it. This feature will be super useful to build a game quickly and efficiently.

Position the platforms as you want within the environment, make it exciting and do not make it easy for your players. This way they should use the jump function and they will have a better time.

Deceive them by creating “false” platforms that when the player jumps over them, falling into the abyss. How to create these platforms? Don’t worry, we’ll explain it to you!

To perform this function you have to select the block you want to modify. Go to the Properties window and in the Behavior area activate or deactivate the following functions:

  • Anchored: If you want the platform to stay in the air even though there is no terrain (if you don’t activate it, your blocks will fall as soon as you start the game)
  • CanCollide: If you want this platform to be solid or not, that is, if you want our avatar to pass (or fall) when standing on it.

Our Killer Blocks with a little Code

This is the most complicated step of the entire tutorial , but we are going to make it very easy. Select the block that you want the player to die when touched and in the “Explorer” window, when selecting it, one more symbol will appear. Open the option “Script” and paste the following formula in the central window that will appear.


script.Parent.Touched: Connect (function (hit)

if hit.Parent: FindFirstChild (“Humanoid”) then

hit.Parent.Humanoid.Health = 0



When your avatar has a simple contact with this block, its life will change to 0 and it will fall into a thousand pieces.

Creativity to Power!

With this you have everything you need to have to create a simple platform game. You will see that at the beginning you go a little slow but if you dedicate time you will create a bigger game each time. We recommend that you test the game every time you make a change. Publish the game and show it to your friends!

If you still have any questions, we leave you a video that shows the entire process in detail.

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