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Best Methods to Earn Free Robux – 2020 Updated Guide


Hello, fellow Roblox Gamers ! If you have come to our page it is because you are looking for tricks for your favorite games. Well you’ve been lucky, because today we are going to talk about one of the most popular games, Roblox . In this guide we will teach you various methods through which we can get FREE Robux for your account. Do you want to know how? Keep reading!

What are Robux?

First of all, let’s see what Robux are and what they can serve us for. If you are already an experienced player and just want to see the methods to get Robux in a 100% safe and legal way, you can skip this part. We wait for you below! 

For the rest of the players who are just starting in the game, say that Robux is the official currency of the game . 

Before, when the game was launched for the first time, there were two official currencies, tickets , which were abbreviated TIX and then Robux ( R $ ). 

As the video game became more and more popular, the creators decided to remove the tickets and leave the currency that we have today, as some users said that having two was very confusing.

Methods to have Robux Free – Updated to 2020

Here below we will tell you some methods that we have been finding while we were playing and that you can use to obtain Robux quickly. 

Before starting with the methods themselves I would like to tell you that you will not get rich in a day, because there is no magic system to generate free Robux. 

Without further ado, let’s get started!

  • Selling Game Passes . The first and easiest way is by selling Game Passes , also known as Game Passes . When you create a world, you can grant benefits to your game users through these Passes. In this way, you can offer some special ability in exchange for 10 Robux. Each person who wants the special ability will pay you 10 Robux and thus you will earn little by little. It is better to sell the Passes at a low price so that people are more interested in buying them.
  • Registering in the Affiliate Program . 
  • By registering in the Roblox affiliate program we will receive a link, through which we can invite our friends and family to the game. When a friend / family member signs up through our link, we earn Robux. Simple, right?
  • Mobile applications . Surely one of the best methods on this list, since the other 2 we need other people to be interested. 
  • In this case, it is simpler, as there are several mobile applications that pay us in exchange for testing applications and games that they own. In the next section we will explain it in more detail.

Earn Free Robux through apps

here are many applications of this style, so the ideal is that you download as many as you can and thus you will earn a lot in each one.

  • Roblox Login Rewards . One of the most reliable applications that will give us money simply for answering surveys is the one created by Google, which is called Google Opinion Rewards . 
  • Its use is very simple,
  • we simply have to download the application and from time to time we will get some small surveys that we can answer for an amount of money. This money is transferred to our Google account and we can buy Robux for free.
  • Robuxmania. One of the best applications right now because it is paying well. It is available for Android and iPhone . We simply download it and go to the offers section. 
  • There we will see a list of applications that we can download in exchange for karma , which we can then exchange for Robux to our account.
free robux robuxmania

f any of our methods have worked for you, leave us a comment telling us about your experience! 

Finally, we are going to give you a short summary of what Roblox is, as many of you have written to us saying that you are not very clear about what the game is about.

What is Roblox

For those who do not know what the game is about, then I will give you an introduction.

 This entertainment has a base of origin of more than 10 years, when it was launched for the first time on the market for all users of the world. 

Like any game, at the beginning it was not very successful since by that date the closest competitor was the famous cube game called Minecraft.

 According to Wikipedia, Roblox is a multiplayer video game in which players can create their own virtual worlds.

But as in everything in life, little by little things are achieved, each year Roblox was increasing more and more the presence of new users and the latter realized the advantages that Roblox had over its competitor, which was Minecraft. 

And this has reached the present day, with Roblox it already has more than 70 million users who enjoy it every week.

roblox login

Actually, the video game was originally created to teach students but this changed completely, since today Roblox is used by professionals such as designers or programmers who use it to show the world their creativity and dedication. 

Another section that is good about the game is that you can earn money with it, but we will put the latter aside since it is a little more complicated to do.

Why has it become so popular

Well, as we told you before, it offered great advantages such as the possibility of creating games, worlds and even characters. 

One of the factors that stands out against its biggest competitor is that Roblox can be played in 3D while Minecraft is still a game to be used in 2D where the quality of the graphics is very noticeable in both.

Among so many differences that exist between Roblox and Minecraft, one of many is that the first offers you enormous freedom to do what you want,

while in the second everything happens is from the same map and you will not find anything new.

How to start playing

To be part of this great game you must first register in Roblox, when you do this you will already have access to observe the worlds that other players have created. 

You can also play the games, which have been created within the maps.

The newest thing about Roblox is the possibility of creating your own worlds and original games with any idea that comes to mind. 

By doing this, if you have a bit of luck added to a pinch of creativity and if other users like your ideas, you can gain a lot of popularity on the platform and generate money with a simple map that you have created.

Developers who are professionals, that is, they are received and dedicated to the game, believe me they earn figures that are incredible, you will ask yourself, how do they get so much money? 

Well, as the platform to access is completely free, within it are the famous micropayments, they are made with the game currency that is the robux, for this reason we have committed to bring you a guide on how to earn free robux from one quickly and easily.

And this has been our guide to get  free Robux ,

we hope you liked it and remember that if you need help with a game, ProjecteRius is your trusted website. Greetings, gamer !

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