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5 ways to get free Robux in Roblox


Roblox is one of the most popular games today, so there are many people wanting to get their hands on some free robux. On the Internet there are many websites that offer free Robux, but most of them end up deceiving you and never give you what they promise, wasting your time that way.

For this reason, we have decided to explain the methods of how to get free Robux that do work and that will make you a millionaire in the game legally. So, forget about those fake Robux generators and get ready to learn how to earn free Robux.

What are Robux and what can you buy with them on Roblox?

Robux or R $  is Roblox virtual currency that is acquired with real money or by selling content in the game. The name ‘Robux’ is a mix of Roblox (the name of the game) and ‘bucks’ (money in English).

Robux is considered by the community and developers to be the main currency of Roblox, due to the high importance it has. All paid items created by Roblox are sold by Robux, as well as any game passes or microtransactions for some premium content in the game.

What can you spend the Robux on? Here’s a list of things you can do with Robux:

  • With 1000 R $ you can change your username .
  • If you belong to any level of the Builders Club, with 100 R $ you can create a group .
  • If you are interested in ROBLOX PROMO CODES , with 100 R $ you can create your own emblem for your game.
  • Pay for access to exclusive premium games , which are truly amazing.
  • For the free games that include microtransactions, you can buy game passes to have all the levels, powers, clothes and objects.
  • You can purchase any collectible from the official game store.
  • There is also the possibility of exchanging your R $ for real money .

In short, there are many things you can do with Robux. You will enjoy having many Robux more than not, so let’s see once and for all how to get free Robux .

How to get free Robux?

Here are the best methods to get free Robux.

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Get Robux as part of the Builders Club


Although it seems ironic, one of the methods with which you will get more free Robux involves purchasing the game’s paid subscription. That’s right, if you are a member of the Builders Club, whose cheapest membership costs 5.95 euros per month, you will have benefits that will help you earn many Robux .

Besides that you will receive a quantity of free Robux daily, belonging to the Builders Club you will be able to sell t-shirts, pants and access to places , in order to obtain a percentage of the profits in Robux. In fact, you can create your own items in Roblox Studio and then sell them for Robux to make money easily.

If you are a good creator and seller, you will earn tons of Robux with this method . Of course, remember that you need to be a member of the Builders Club to enjoy all these advantages. The membership levels that are currently available are as follows:

  • Classic (€ 5.95 / month): you receive 450 free Robux per month.
  • Turbo (€ 11.95 / month): you receive 1050 free Robux per month.
  • Outrageous (€ 19.95 / month): you receive 1800 free Robux per month.

Sell ​​game passes to win free Robux


One of the best ways to get free Robux is by selling game passes . To do this, of course, you must have created a game, which is quite simple since there are templates that make everything very easy. The important thing in this case is to create a game that is attractive and elaborate enough so that people are interested in it and want to pay to play it with all the available content.

You do not have to be a member of the Builders Club to use this method, although you will earn more if you are. As a Builders Club user you will receive 70% in Robux of each game pass you sell , while as a user not subscribed to the membership you will only receive 10% of each game pass sold.

Get more free Robux by selling access to games


If you have created a game of the highest quality, you can do it for a fee to earn money with it. That is, only those who pay for access can play it. In this way, with the sale of access to the game you can make many Robux .

You can charge a minimum of R $ 25 , and a maximum of R $ 1,000. You choose the price for your game. Of course, to start selling access to games your Roblox account must be more than 30 days old . As with game passes, the earnings for each access to the game that you sell will be 70% if you are a member of the Builders Club, and if you are not a member, it will be 10%.

ROBUXMANIA : the best application to get free Robux

free robux robuxmania

Robuxmania is an application with which you can earn free Robux, testing applications. The first thing you have to do is download it and register. Once you have it installed on your Android, Cash For Apps will ask you to try certain applications and will reward you with a certain amount of points for doing so.

When you accumulate 3,000 points, you can exchange them for a $ 10 Robux gift card . Then, you will have to click here to exchange that card for 1000 Robux. That easy! By the way, Cash For Apps has an affiliate program that will allow you to earn points faster.

With Roblox LOGIN Rewards you can also earn free Robux

RobloxLogin is a great community to learn all the ways to earn robuxdoing surveys. Actually, this app pays us with credit to spend on Google Play, so we can buy Robux with what we earn by solving surveys .

Now that you know how to get free Robux , we hope you can enjoy Roblox without money being a problem.


  1. hey ther , really nice guide , but i already knew all this free robux tricks after playing the game for 3 years , i only wanna ask when is the next robux gift card giveaway please ? 😀 i really need robux right now

  2. omg i can’t believe i got a working code from that video lol , how come no one used it . i guess im fast boyyyyyyyy , btw thanks alot robloxlogin , really appreciate it and i can’t wait for the next robux giveway , i have my timer on and i know the video will be posted in 10 min from now 😀

  3. Can someone give me their roblox user and password i can give yall 1000000000000000000 robux and if not yall are missin out

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