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How do you know Roblox is one of the most popular games in recent years, with millions of active players every day, for those who do not know what the game is about, this is a collection of minigames that are more than 60 million , which all of them are created by other roblox players, as it allows you to create a game to your liking and share it with the community.

Roblox was launched in 2007 and it has more than 300 million active players per month , this can be played from an Android or iOS mobile as well as on a computer or console such as xbox or PlayStation.

We consider that the success of this game was thanks here in it it is possible to socialize with other players as if they were on a social network and thus, by making friends, you can invite them to your favorite game.

How should you know that this is an online game, roblox has a virtual currency which is called Robux , which allows you to buy clothes, advantages in games like game pass, among many other things.

It is important that you know what this virtual currency has a cost of, this means that you will have to pay to have it.

But of course, you know that in a game of this size, very famous, all users are looking for the way in which you can get free robux , and for that reason we have given ourselves the task of making a list of ways or methods to earn free robux ,

it should be noted that the list that we bring you is completely legal, since that is what we will teach you are options that roblox gives you so that you can obtain robux without spending, simply working with them.

What are robux?

Robux is the virtual currency of roblox, and this will help you to be able to acquire items such as clothing or accessories within the roblox catalog,

as well as how to buy certain exclusive things within the games, game pass, exetera.

But if you would like to know a little more about the robux, we leave you this article, click here

How much does a robux cost?

A robux has a value, you can check it as soon as it is in your country by entering the robux option within your roblox account, there it will tell you the prices selected for your country, but you will notice that it is not a cheap currency, that is why it is that many look for how to get or have free robux.

What are robux generator ?

As you already know, there are countless sites that promise that if you enter your name and simply click a button they will give you robux,

but it is better that you never try it and you will only waste time since none of these works and in many of these cases you simply They steal private information …

 which can be very dangerous!

Many of these usually ask you to download applications or complete a survey, and they tell you that it is a mandatory step for you to get your robux. But this is false.

It is important that you never try to do that, they are people who are only trying to scam you, not so remember.

  • Never enter your account anywhere other than the official roblox page.
  • Do not share the password with anyone.

We also leave you here a section where Roblox talks about this topic. Click here.

How to get free robux

But do not be disappointed, if there is a way to get robux that the same roblox recommends that you do, you can work within roblox,

in case you do not know people who own games in roblox, at the time a player purchases within I play their items that are worth robux, they get robux. And just like that there are many ways to get robux within roblox without buying them.

Selling clothes on Roblox

This is one of the most popular ways in which players get robux without spending, simply make a shirt or t-shirt or pants and add it to the roblox catalog, we have made an article in which we explain everything you owe find out so you can start selling clothes and earn robux, just click here to enter the article.

Build your game and add gamepasses

As you already know, the people who earn the most robux in roblox, they are the ones who have the most popular games, so one of the options that you should take into account is to create a game that is quite fun,

why did I get attention of players and add advantages that can be compared to robux, and so you can quickly get thousands of robux with the fans of your games.

Help roblox sell items & get free robux

If in case you did not know, Roblox has items that if you help him to sell within your games, you will earn 20 Robux for each one of them that is sold, one of these is left click here.

Help you roblox developers

In case you don’t know, roblox has an exclusive forum for game developers, in which they recruit helpers and pay a certain amount of robux for you to help them with something, for example,

help me build a mountain and I’ll give you 100 robux, this It is one of the most popular ways within Roblox to obtain Robox quickly, since without having to launch your game you can obtain Robox by helping those who want to launch it.

Click here to enter the forum.

Free robux Oprewards

If you want to get robux to be able to buy items within the roblox catalog, we inform you that roblox launches some codes every so often, usually it is less than a month, in which when you enter it, items are added to your account exclusive, so we recommend that you are redeeming them.

We have an article in which we have the list of promocodes updated month after month, so we leave it in the button below so that you can redeem the Roblox promo codes.

We hope this article has served you a lot, without a doubt we share the official roblox ways for you to earn your robux, you already know that you can check the page where we have many articles related to roblox that you are going to love.


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