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Roblox Premium: 12 reasons to subscribe


The fascinating game Roblox Premium , has captivated millions of players worldwide, and this is thanks to its simplicity, minimum requirements , multiplatform devices system and more.

Best of all, is that to enjoy Roblox it will not be necessary to spend a single penny, since it is completely free and accessible. However, this video game has a Premium version , granting unique and exclusive features to users who have decided to pay for the membership.

Roblox Premium: What is it and what are the advantages of subscribing

If you are interested in having any of the Roblox memberships , you need to be aware of what the system is about and what are the advantages of subscribing to a Premium account .

What is Roblox Premium?

Roblox Premium is a membership system that has replaced the old system called Builders Club . This renewal is mainly due to a change of brand, since most of the benefits offered by the Premium version at this time, were already present in the previous one.

The changes were made globally on September 23, 2019 . And despite the similar functions and features to Builders Club , the Roblox developers have stated that they will be adding more benefits to Roblox Premium soon .

12 reasons to subscribe to Roblox Premium

If you are interested in Roblox and you are fascinated with its worlds, the chances are that Roblox Premium is better than you expected. Here are 12 reasons why you should subscribe :

1. Premium plans

So far Roblox has only three Premium plans , each with a different price, the only difference from the previous one is the amount of Robux you will receive. Next we present the payment catalog by levels.

Roblox has 3 special memberships for users or whats also called as Roblox Premium tiers

  • 1st tier: 4.99 $ USD – Builders Club Benefits.
  • 2nd tier : 9.99 $ USD – Builders Club Benefits.
  • 3rd tier : 19.99 $ USD – Builders Club Benefits.

To access this section, do the following:

  • Login to your Roblox account .
  • Click on the hamburger menu , located at the top left of the main screen.
  • Several options will be displayed, click on “Get Premium” .
  • Choose the one that best suits your needs and press the green “Buy now” button .

2. Free Robux

As is well known, Robux is the official currency of Roblox , and thanks to them you can buy and equip yourself with gadgets from the store such as: shirts, pants, weapons, pets, wings, among other things.

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When you choose some of the three Roblox Premium plans , you will be credited with an amount of Robux.

  • 1: Receive 450 Robux / month.
  • 2: Receive 1,000 Robux / month.
  • 3: Receive 2,200 Robux / month.

3. Roblox Premium Games pass

One of the reasons why you should subscribe to a Roblox membership is that you will have access to worlds only for Premium users. In other words, the maps are filtered to “Popular with Premium” , in this way you can quickly see the rooms most visited by other Premium subscribers.

4. Special bonus

Regardless of the plan you access, in each purchase you are going to make with Robux, especially Premium garments, you will have a 10% discount and sometimes even more.

5. Trading system

The items that you can have in Roblox are almost infinite, some more striking than others. By having a membership you can trade freely within the game and without the risk of being scammed. With the Roblox system you can buy, sell and exchange clothes or objects with other players who are also Premium.

At the time of making any exchange, purchase or sale of gadget, it will be fully protected, either against theft or breaches of the counter party.

6. Sales system

Just as you can buy clothes in the game, Roblox gives you the possibility to get free robux & create your own clothes , dress your character and even put your creations on sale.

In the same way, you can create unique worlds, and whoever wants to access them, must pay a ticket with Robux . This is one of the most striking advantages of having a Premium account on Roblox .

7. Google Ad-free

The main page of Roblox is full of advertising, this is one of the ways to keep the platform free for users. However, when purchasing a membership, all Google ads will be removed from your Roblox account .

8. Group limit

One of the ways to create new friendships within the game is by joining the “Groups” . Fortunately, Roblox made a change in favor since December 2019 and now it is possible to create and join more than 100 different groups with any of the three Premium plans and even as a standard member.

9. Profile icon

By default, the account’s profile icon is the reflection of your Roblox character, but if you want to change the profile picture , the only possible way is by acquiring a Level (1, 2 or 3) membership.

10. List of players

When entering a game there is a way to see the list of all current players, the particularity of being a Premium member is that your name will stand out in the list, since the Roblox emblem will be awarded next to the name and it will appear in the chat the color blue.

11. Roblox Gear Membership

Another reason why you should acquire a membership is that you will have available a catalog of garments and accessories that are only for sale to Premium users . These objects are very varied but of great help, you can use it within a map and thus have a little advantage over the others.

These items can be obtained in the avatar store identified with the Premium icon , and usually come with some type of discount.

12. ROBLOX Premium Gift accessories

If you decided to purchase one of the Premium plans , at the time of purchase you will have a welcome bonus. That is, in your inventory some exclusive in-game clothing will be added for your character, which you can use whenever you want.


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