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Ultimate Ninja Legends Guide On Roblox


If you are a lover of fighting, combat, hitting and action video games, Ninja Legends is one of the best choices you can make to play within the ROBLOX platform. In addition, during the in-game experience you will get wonderful rewards that will make you unable to stop playing. Immerse yourself in a virtual world whose oriental setting will transport you directly to a place full of Ninjas and Samurais.

In this game you will have many ninja skills, including the ability to improve and perform super jumps according to the level that is acquired. That is, the abilities of our avatar are linked to the player’s level , unlocking better ones in our character.

Origin and Curiosities of Ninja Legends

Its environment is practically dynamic and pleasant , in which players must face each other in combat to the death. However, every time you are defeated you can come back to life using the coins that are distributed throughout the game.

You will start the game carrying a simple bamboo pole as a weapon. This simple weapon of war helps the novice player to collect their first coins within the initial screen. When fighting against your rivals, the game rewards each hit or blow to your enemy with a coin. With them you can access to buy improvements or new weapons. Buy a Bamboo Electric rod and you will see how your power is increased in a significant way.

Like a large number of games within ROBLOX, in Ninja Legends we can accompany our avatar with a pet. These can be a great help during combat. Become a great warrior and you will see how the game itself rewards you with a wonderful pet.

Ninja Legends gives the player the possibility to fight in a group or individually. Choose which tactic best suits your style and learn to fight to become the best ninja in the place.

Do not trust! Ninja Legends is a difficult title that requires continuous learning from the player. Improve your rank, level up and invest in weapons and skills. Otherwise, you will soon find yourself biting the dust again and again against all your rivals.

With a large arsenal of weapons, Ninja Legends offers the player a large assortment of swords, katanas, staves, bows and all kinds of claws to change fighting style when the player deems it appropriate.

In-game tips and tricks

The game mechanics are very simple , you must fight against your rivals and be the winner. But for this it is necessary to learn the best defense techniques – attack in the first levels.

Following this advice helps the player to have the best agility to be prepared when they come to the most complicated fights. Do not forget that the accumulation of coins and weapons is essential to improve little by little.

Improve your Ninja skills

Another tip that can be very useful is that as a player you invest in improving your combat skills. Having all the swords in the game is something interesting at the collector level but it will not lead you to be the winner of your confrontations.

Improve your agility, your strength, your combat power and go to the next levels being really competitive. The weapons also have the possibility of adding improvements that make them lethal tools in combat. Turn your bamboo into its electric or ultra version and you will be the king of the fight.

Collect All the Chi with Impressive Jumps

The ability to jump or double jump is essential in Ninja Legends. This allows you to perform incredible jumps with which you can climb up to the clouds and collect the chi that are hidden there.

With this little tip you will also find a large number of coins that will help you easily to get the Corrupted Bamboo or the Shadow Bamboo and other types of katanas.

Invest in Training in Ninja Legends

Upon entering the game, the player will soon realize that there are many possibilities when it comes to improving their avatar. Spending time practicing, improving, and fighting is a great way to progress within the game. Train thoroughly to fight at the higher levels!

Believe it or not, Ninja Legends is played by thousands of players a day and everyone wants to be the best. So you should try to learn different fighting styles to beat them all and write your name in the game rankings.

Search the Hidden Chests of Ninja Legends

Look for the hidden chests scattered on the different islands as they are full of juicy coins for whoever finds it. It should be remembered that the higher the access requirements to these islands, the better the rewards we will find there.

Get Chi being the King of the Hill

There are other ways to earn chi or coins, such as positioning ourselves as the king of the hill , the longer we stay here the higher the prize, it can also be done by collecting drops and jumping between islands.

There is a lot of interest from the gaming community to find out how more chi can be achieved within Ninja Legends. At Mundoblox we offer all the necessary information, codes, and Ninja Legends promocodes that will help you be the best fighter of all time.

Ninja Legends Codes

The Ninja Legends codes allow us to obtain more coins , with which we can obtain new objects that will ultimately allow us to level up. Among these objects we can mention swords and belts, in addition to the possibility of improving our character or ninja.

Quickly get more Chi to be able to develop our character faster. With these codes you can access higher levels faster and thus get better in a faster way. Remember that these codes are free and that you only have to enter them in the corresponding section within the game.

Ninja Legends ROBLOX

Ninja legends

PROMOCODES from Ninja Legends


There are many video games that we are going to get very similar to this ROBLOX Ninja Legends, especially since the world of bounty fights is one of the most common genres in video games.

Although for Ninja Legends lovers we can assure you that the game, also within ROBLOX, Saber Simulator has many of the virtues and game mechanics that you have liked so much about our ninja fighting simulator. With similar mechanics you cannot miss the opportunity to play Saber Simulator and thus expand your library of games in ROBLOX.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ninja Legends

Ninja Legends offers a unique and inimitable experience within combat games. However, like all games it has shortcomings and some disadvantages. Here we show you the strengths and weaknesses of this game.


  • Having to improve combat skills encourages the player to be creative at all times.
  • Better player skills and reflexes.
  • Helps socialize and tolerate frustration after defeat.


  • He needs adult supervision, who must assess the degree of violence in the fighting.
  • The difficulty is somewhat high for novice players.

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