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Ultimate Guide for ROBLOX Tower Defense Simulator 2020


Ready to fight for your life? Roblox Tower Defense Simulator gives you that great opportunity. Kill all the attackers who will come to hunt you down and come out victorious from the enemy hordes.

Keep in mind that Tower Defense Simulator is a difficult game and surely you need the help of a good group of friends to be able to overcome all the adversities of the battle. Follow the advice of our extensive guide and surprise your rivals!

Origin and some Curiosities of Tower Defense Simulator

A very curious fact about this ROBLOX Tower Defense Simulator is that it was born within a school project. The Paradoxum Games company decided to release this wonderful game in June 2019.

In Tower Defense Simulator the gameplay is very simple. You must defend your tower while a great wave of zombies decide to attack us. Each area that you overcome will increase in difficulty , making the experience quite entertaining, but also complicated.

Aspects to Consider Before Starting

At first, novice players start the game with a long-range weapon, so the zombies must be eliminated from a distance. Developing a good technique as a sniper will give us a better chance of surviving the zombie waves in the future.

As you level up your tower will be able to do more damage, while you dedicate yourself to continue killing zombies from a distance. T ener towers at a good level will help to advance in the game.

Choose your team well

When you join your team, choose carefully so that you can have some higher level teammates. In this way, they can help you easily take down enemies. In addition, the experience will become somewhat more entertaining as you have to coordinate with them and plan strategies to overcome the waves.

Tips and tricks in Tower Defense Simulator

The mechanics of all Tower Defense style games are very simple. You must survive or prevent your towers from falling to win. So the game ends when some zombie ends your life or your main tower is destroyed.

Every time you damage a zombie you will receive a bonus of coins. Try to save to be able to improve your towers and be invincible.

Purchase Survival Upgrades

When you have won a good amount of money it is highly advisable to invest all the profits in the towers. Since they are the keys to success within Tower Defense Simulator.

You must bear in mind that this game is not simple and therefore you must plan very well each of the strategies to develop during the game. Decide when is the best time to invest in your towers and when to defend it with a clean shot. In Tower Defense Simulator there is nothing to chance.

Explore the Different Modalities of the Game

In Tower Defense Simulator there are different game modes. We advise you to try them and decide which one best suits your way of playing. You can play to defend the towers or face another team, whatever the game is highly fun.

How to Start Playing Tower Defense Simulator?

At the beginning you will find yourself in a large lobby, in which you can choose the map where you want to play. For a few seconds you can also interact with those who will be your companions and decide if you want to withdraw or not.

You can also choose the level you want to play at, so you can decide if you want an easy experience or something more complicated.

Keep alert!

Within the game you must be very aware since they never warn you where the zombies appear. In some levels they can even appear from two different flanks and even make combined attacks to try to surprise you.

Try to coordinate the attacks with your companions , group work is the key to survival, especially if you are a beginner. Watch out because at higher levels the Zombies will be faster and stronger!

Invest in Combat Accessories

When you consider it appropriate and you have well defended towers you can invest in accessories. Tower Defense Simulator offers within its store some that are really useful to advance.

When you can, buy binoculars to see at a great distance and thus know where the zombies are going to attack. In addition, it also activates hidden detection so it will be impossible for them to see you while you use them.

Another essential object is the vest or protective helmet. This prevents the blows of the zombies from being so damaging by making your resistance improve at times.

Improve your Sniper level

As a last tip, we suggest that you spend time in sniper mode. Since although it seems a very slow way to kill zombies, it is surely the safest strategy that exists within Tower Defense Simulator.

As you progress and the zombies get stronger, you will have invested enough to upgrade or buy new towers and then you can spend your purchases on improving the weapons.

Try not to stay with the snipers, because if one of your companions has outlaws, they will offer you more space to place your towers with ease.

Tower Defense Simulator Codes

If you want to get all the codes available in Tower Defense Simulator you are in the right place, don’t forget that the game menu itself brings us the option to enter the code.

ROBLOX High School 2

Promo Codes ROBLOX High School 2


Games Similar To Tower Defense Simulator

Within the same ROBLOX platform, there is Zombie Rush which is widely accepted by users, this being a good alternative to Tower Defense Simulator.

Others quite similar are the titles of Zombie Attack or Resurrection , also within the ROBLOX platform. And although they do not comply with the tower defense mechanics, they are games where we will have to kill hordes of zombies everywhere.

And outside the platform ROBLOX there are several options where perhaps both thematic similarities and having to overcome different waves of crazy zombies would be the acclaimed Left 4 Dead (in two installments) created by Valve.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing ROBLOX Tower Defense Simulator

Being clear about the Pros and Cons of a video game will always be a good option when it comes to knowing if it is a good option for the little ones at home. Below we highlight those positive and negative aspects when playing Tower Defense Simulator.


  • it’s a very entertaining game
  • Encourages collective and team work
  • Helps skills that require strategizing


  • Overexposure can lead to addictive gambling behaviors.
  • The adult must assess whether the levels of simulated violence are appropriate for the age of the minor.
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