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Top 20 ROBLOX Games Based on Famous People 2020


Roblox is the game of games. In this Minecraft without limits we can create Roblox games of all genres and styles or, if we are not very skilled, Roblox download the thousands of games that have already been created by other users. The most sought after games are those referring to famous characters ( Pokémon, Dragon Ball, Marvel characters, Barbie, Slenderman …) and today we bring you a selection of the best.

All the games on this list are from very popular franchises and are not out of date – they have all received updates in the last few months. Enjoy them!

20 Roblox games based on hit franchises

1. Dragon ball rage

Goku and company could not be absent in the ROBLOX world. Although there are many DBZ games in the community, we recommend this one for its successful combat system and because, despite the graphical limitations that ROBLOX has, it makes the characters look like those designed by Akira Toriyama.

Download Dragon Ball Rage for free

2. Pokémon Brick Bronze

Pokémon is one of the sagas with the most games on ROBLOX. The one that we recommend today is an adventure title in which you leave your town and go in search and capture of creatures that you can later make fight. Exact, as in the original PKMN but with ROBLOX graphics.

Although the game is, for now, in beta, at the time of writing the article it already had 7 gyms.

Download Pokémon Brick Bronze for free

3. Marvel & DC: Dawn of Heroes

Are you more of The Avengers or the Justice League ? It doesn’t matter who your favorite superheroes are, since in ROBLOX you won’t have to be left alone with the side thanks to games like the one at hand. In this dreamy crossover you will choose your favorite character (there are already several heroes and villains from DC and Marvel, and many more are expected to arrive) and you will tour the city … Ah, this is not a versus, so maybe being Spiderman you can team up with Superman and end up fighting Ironman… anything goes in the ROBLOX world!

Download Marvel & DC: Dawn of Heroes for free

4. Plants vs Zombies: Battlegrounds

EA’s famous tower defense saga has its equivalent in ROBLOX, a fun game in which you can choose equipment (plants or zombies) and face your friends. Packed with items and powers, it won’t make you envy the original game.

Plants vs Zombies: Battlegrounds free download

5. Attack on Titan

In ROBLOX Attack on Titan you will be able to play one of the anime’s protagonists and face the fierce Titans. Don’t be fooled by their appearance, less aggressive than the original: the Roblox titans are just as dangerous and deadly as the originals.

Attack on Titan free download

6. Stop it, Slender! two

Slenderman , the most famous monster of the creepypastas, also has his version in ROBLOX…. And you can control it! Stop it, Slender! 2 is a sinister version of the pilla pilla, where one of the players controls the bad guy while the others must find the famous pages of the diary before being caught.

Stop it, Slender! Free download two

7. Animatronic World! (FNAF)

The Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise has many versions in the form of fan games and, of course, it is not lacking in ROBLOX. Although there are many games of these characters in the community we have chosen Animatronic World! for being one of the most updated and most active players. Choose your favorite animatronic and travel the game world in search of party, fun and scares.

Download Animatronic World for free!

8. One Piece Golden Age “NEW ROBLOX GAMES”

Luffy and company fans will also find their reason for being in ROBLOX, thanks to this fighting game full of characters from this manga and several islands to explore and have adventures among.

Free Download One Piece Golden Age

9. My Little Pony 3D: Roleplay is Magic

If you’ve had a childhood, My Little Pony is sure to be familiar to you . If you hate it, go to the next game, but if you get nostalgic you will have a great time with this ROBLOX game where, after selecting a pony from dozens of customization options, you can enjoy an open world where these cute little animals roam the village, they socialize and, why not, they engage in misdeeds.

Download My Little Pony 3D: Roleplay is Magic

10. Barbie – Life In The Dreamhouse

The following game is only suitable for the brave… role-play in Barbie’s mansion ! If you always wanted to know what it feels like to live in the house of the most famous blonde in the world (with permission from Madonna) this ROBLOX game is what you are looking for… If not, you still have more to choose from!

Barbie – Life in the Dreamhouse free download

11. bleach

Just a few weeks ago it was confirmed that the final Bleach arc in the manga would be brought to television. The animated series was lame in its last moment, which caused the manga to have closure, but the anime did not. How about enjoying the adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki again , but in a Roblox game? That is what this title proposes where we return to control the most famous shinigami in the world. The player base is quite good, so you will not find problems when playing.

Download Bleach for free

12. Naruto

It is, quite likely, one of the most famous anime and manga series in all of Japanese history: Naruto . The ninja of the Hidden Village of the Leaf fell in love with several generations during the 15 years that it was published in the famous magazine Shonen Jump (and later in compilation volumes). His leap to the rest of the world brought under his arm more successes, hence Roblox also has its own video game created by fans. It has the main characters of the series, although with an aesthetic section closer to laughter and joke than what is seen in the manga. We highly recommend it to little you like Naruto.

Download Naruto

13. One punch man

One of the great sensations that this last decade left us was One Punch Man . In fact, the series had such a stir since it premiered in 2009 that it is still in publication. This series created by One narrates the adventures of Saitama, an atypical superhero for which we are used. Bald and without any charisma, he has a very striking peculiarity: he is the strongest in the world. With a single blow he is able to defeat all the enemies that are in his path, no matter how strong they are. Take a look at the game.

Download One Punch Man

14. Kimetsu no yaiba

Few manga have hit it more during 2018 and 2019 than Kimetsu no Yaiba . Also known as Demon Slayer (in English) or Guardians of the Night (in Spanish), this Shonen Jump manga has stood out among the public for its drawing and attractive plot. One day, Tanjiro’s family is attacked by demons. He and his sister are the only survivors, with the difference that his sister ends up becoming one of them. The manga narrates the adventures of Tanjiro and Nezuko so that the latter recovers her human condition.

Download Kimetsu no Yaiba

15. My hero academia

If Demon Slayer is busting it among manga and anime followers, the case of My Hero Academia is no less. Created by Kohei Horikoshi in 2014, the plot starts from a very funny premise: 80% of humanity has “powers”, which is why heroes and villains emerge in the world. Now, what happens to the remaining 20%? There is Izuku Midoriya, a boy who dreams of studying in the academy of heroes … and to whom a vital event occurs, which ends up acquiring powers.

Download My Hero Academia

16. Jojo’s bizarre

Although its success does not come from now – in fact, the manga dates from nothing less than 1987, like the anime – it is true that Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is more than ever on everyone’s lips, especially in Spain. In our country, Netflix has taken over the broadcasting rights for all anime, which has earned it thousands of followers in the territory. This, added to the fact that the manga is doing quite well in sales, leads us to bring at this point a minigame where we control the main fictional characters.

Download Jojo’s Bizarre

17. Detective conan

Do you like video games of puzzles and mysteries? Then you’re going to like Detective Conan . Based on the popular manga by Gosho Aoyama, this title invites us to overcome the mysteries and crimes that are addressed in the original plot. As you well know, this narrates the life of Shinichi Kudo, a high school student who witnesses a murder and who is infected with a mystery virus that returns him to when he was 7 years old. Despite this, his mind remains the same, hence we have our dear detective.

Download Detective Conan

18. The seven capital sins

Very diverse characters and each one more crazy, stories that unite the best of comedy with drama and a beautiful drawing. All this and much more is The Seven Deadly Sins , one of the funniest and most sympathetic manga that we can find right now. The plot starts with Meliodas as the main character, a little boy who is none other than the captain of the Seven Deadly Sins troop. Despite his adorable appearance, behind him hides a huge force with which he will have to save the world from a conspiracy.

Download The Seven Deadly Sins

19. Full Metal Alchemist

Is it necessary to talk about what for many is the best manga in all history? The harsh plot of Full Metal Alchemist takes us to the adventure of the Elric brothers, two little alchemists who want to resurrect their mother after her sudden death. Through alchemy they try, but the process goes wrong and Alphonse loses his body and Edward an arm and a leg. This Roblox game is not based as such on the plot, but it is inspired by the characters of the series. With that in mind, it sure isn’t going to disappoint you at all.

Download Full Metal Alchemist

20. Anime Fighting

We close this article with a Roblox game that includes all at once: Anime Fighting . As you can see from its name, we have a video game that brings the best characters from animation and manga, from Goku from Dragon Ball Z to our beloved ninja Naruto, Eren from Attack of Titan, Luffy from One Piece and much more. This top is made by the creators of the game, that is, everything that is available is thanks to the developers of this fighting game. It is always in constant update, so it is a matter of time before new characters are added to complement the roster.

Download Anime Fighting

What do you think of this compilation with the best roblox games based on anime and manga sagas mainly? Remember that you have many more Roblox games in the search engine of the platform or Google.  Share the link in the comments!

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