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The Most COMPLETE Guide to Blox Fruits on ROBLOX


Blox Fruits is one of the great games within ROBLOX that best represents the world of the famous One Piece manga. In Blox Fruits you can choose between being a pirate or a sailor. For this you will have the help of Devil Fruits so representative in the world of Luffy.

Obtaining these fruits is one of the greatest challenges within Blox Fruits, since with it our avatar gains strength and additional powers. Discover all the fruits in the game and master all the techniques to destroy all our enemies.

Origin and Curiosities of Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits is based on the original ROBLOX game Blox Piece, which was redesigned and improved to give players a better in-game experience. Also based on the animated series and the One Piece manga , Blox Fruits seeks to emulate the experience of becoming the best pirate. Although you can also choose to be a marine who seeks to impart justice within the world of Blox Fruits.

The mechanics of the game are quite simple, you just have to fight to kill all the rivals that appear before you. As well as collecting the Blox Fruits – hence the origin of the game – to become the Pirate with the most power in the game.

The fruit with the greatest power in the game is the Rumble Fruit and getting it represents having a greater possibility of progressing and winning in the game. These Blox Fruits can be found at a special dealer where they appear every 4 hours.

As in many other titles within ROBLOX, collecting coins is quite common and necessary. With them you can buy new skills and different fruits without having to train or search for them through the different maps that the game has.

Blox Fruits Tips and Tricks

Learning to counterattack will be a very useful skill within the game. Wait for your opponents to launch a powerful attack and dodge it to start your barrage of blows. How to do it? You only have to use all the skills that you acquire during the different games that you play. Use the teleport to the sky to avoid a direct hit from your rival.

Discover the secrets hidden in the different islands and train to gain more power than your rivals. Catching a boat and discovering the areas that are spread throughout the game is one of the best ways to progress. Remember that you will need to acquire all the potential possible to land better shots at your opponents.

Look for the Rumble inside Blox Fruits

As already mentioned, those who possess the power that Devil Fruit Rumble grants will get the most powerful abilities in the game. The abilities this fruit offers are extremely damaging. Skills like Thunder or Thor will help us to beat your opponents in a very simple way, since by stunning them you can hit them with complete peace of mind without being aware of their counterattack.

Improve your hitting with the Blox Fruit Gravity

Finding the Gravity fruit also offers us great advantages within Blox Fruits. By eating it we will improve our character’s hitting skills. We must look for the fruits that offer us the ability to fly, since it will be something quite useful when it comes to dodging blows from our rival.

Use the Blox Fruit Bomb like a pro!

For the newbies, there is the Devil Fruit Bomb. This fruit causes great damage to opponents although it is quite easy to avoid. Its ease of use and low cost make it the perfect fruit for those who have been playing Blox Fruits for a few hours.

The cheapest Blox Fruit is Sand

Sand is another of the cheap fruits within Blox Fruits. Its cost of 450 coins makes it a fruit within the reach of all novice players. The power of this fruit is the dragging capacity it offers our weapon, so a normal attack will turn into something devastating.

However, it is recommended to use this fruit when you have a little more experience in the game since when combined with higher level techniques it is more effective.

Have a laugh with Spike from Blox Fruits!

One of the funniest fruits in the game is Spike. This Blox Fruit gives us the opportunity to generate very interesting combos within the game. When you consume Spike Devil Fruit all combos are strengthened and your combat level will improve faster.

Be the most powerful thanks to Blox Fruit Magma!

Magma is a Blox Fruit highly valued by the Blox Fruits gaming community. When eaten, combat power increases in such a way that all blows acquire brutal force. If what you want is to raise the melee combat this enhancer will be your best choice.

Beat the Flame Fruit Rhythm in Blox Fruits

Without a doubt, the Flame devil fruit is also one of the most sought after in the game. By taking it, the player acquires the Fire Bomb ability, causing him to launch a fire bomb that damages all your opponents within a limited area.

The Best Way to Earn Devil Fruits at Blox Fruits

As you may have noticed in Blox Fruits, everything revolves around the amount of power that is acquired from Devil Fruits. All your rivals will look for them as their main objectives since without them the fighting becomes a shower of blows to which you will not be able to respond. Here we show you the best way to get the Devil Fruits inside Blox Fruits.

Buy Devil Fruits at Blox Fruits

Simple, right? This is the easiest way to get many of the fruits within Blox Fruits. To do this, you just have to go to the Devil Fruit vendor on Pirates Island and pay for these delicious delicacies.

Each fruit has its price and this varies according to the quality of the Blox Fruit’s skill. The best thing about this way of obtaining Devil Fruits is that you do not need ROBUX to buy them but to collect internal Blox Fruits coins.

⚠️ Remember that the Pirates Island store renews its entire catalog every three hours. Once this time has passed, new Devil Fruits will appear with new prices available for purchase. ⚠️

Buy Devil Fruits with ROBUX

Another effective but more expensive way to get Devil Fruits in-game is to invest real money. You already know that there are several ways to get ROBUX within ROBLOX. This way you can speed up the process of getting these fruits without having to hope to win huge amounts of Beli coins (free) spread throughout the game.

Look for the Devil Fruit vendors

You need to search all the islands for the Demon Fruit Dealer to see their catalog of devil fruits. Locate all these street vendors to improve your character little by little. To do this you will need to move between the main islands and find them hidden among one of the streets of the city.

Find Devil Fruit under Blox Fruits Trees

In all One Piece games within the ROBLOX platform there is the possibility of finding Devil Fruit Trees. In Blox Fruits it is no different, however this task is not easy since it will cost a lot to access and get Devil Fruits with this mode.

The Devil Fruit Trees drop a fruit every so often for someone to keep. So you will have to change servers to look for some of these fruits under the trees. Go through the more wooded areas and cross your fingers as it is highly difficult to get some fruit this way.

Blox Fruits Codes

How in all ROBLOX games there are codes that speed up the process of getting some advantages. These free rewards can help you recover your life, obtain a good amount of coins and certain advantages that will make Blox Fruits a unique experience.

Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits promocodes:

  • Sub2Daigrock
  • Axiore
  • TantaiGaming
  • fudd10

Remember that these codes sometimes expire and stop working. For this we have prepared a list of those codes that have become obsolete over time.

Games similar to Blox Fruits

In the market there are a wide variety of titles similar to Blox Fruits, both within the ROBLOX platform and on video consoles. The fact that One Piece is one of the longest-lived combat adventures in the entire history of the manga makes it a title likely to have referenced video games. So our advice is that you use the search engine within ROBLOX and enter One Piece. Any results that appear would make you a worthy candidate to appear in this section.

Advantages and Disadvantages of playing Blox Fruits

Like many ROBLOX games, this Blox Fruits has several advantages when playing it , but in the same way it has some disadvantages that deserve to be considered as a family.


  • Perfect for lovers of manga and anime One Piece.
  • It offers hours of healthy and fun entertainment.
  • Helps improve socialization within controlled environments.


  • Being a game of fights and fights, it needs adult supervision.
  • Continued overexposure to the consumption of a game should be controlled to avoid causing dependency. Control our son’s schedules when playing.
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