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Rumble Quest – 2020 Guide to Being a Pro


Do you want to learn how to defeat all the monsters that dare to challenge you? Thanks to our Rumble Quest guide within ROBLOX you can transform yourself into a great warrior.

Get the best armor, weapons and skills so that you can defeat the great enemies that are hidden in the caves to try to take your life.

In our guide you will also find all the codes so that you can acquire new skills in your fights. Get ready so that after defeating these great bosses you can claim the loot that is right for you.

Origin and some Curiosities of the Game

Rumble Quest was designed by Rumble Studios in 2018 , who have dedicated themselves to making new gaming experiences for world lovers within ROBLOX.

This video game is considered one of the games most chosen by users of the ROBLOX platform , sometimes being in the Top 20 of the most played video games.

With a clear medieval setting, the player must level up to learn new techniques. Get new tools and above all, new transformations that will allow you to progress with each fight.

Experience points can be invested in two fundamental aspects; weapons and skills.

All Eggs in Adopt Me

  • Weapons: During your adventure you will be able to enjoy different instruments to defend yourself from enemies. Use them wisely.
  • Skills: As in most fighting games within ROBLOX, you can acquire new skills as you level up. Discover all the secret techniques within Rumble Quest

You can also customize your character with different objects. To do this, you just have to go to the Equipment, Cosmetics and Appearance section to configure the aesthetic you want for your warrior. Change the color of your face, hair or eye expression to be remembered as a legendary warrior.

You can get these modifications by buying them inside the store. Remember that as you advance and gain experience you will earn more points that you can then invest in better equipment.

Visit the different caves and dungeons that exist scattered throughout the game. As you progress, these will get more and more complicated.

Tips and Tricks within Rumble Quest

Rumble Quest is a very entertaining video game that you can play with other partners online. So you can play in groups so that everyone helps each other in this great adventure.

You must be careful with enemies, as there are different types of them, from warriors to magicians who can attack from a distance with fireballs.

Therefore, you must learn to use your weapons to overcome the different challenges distributed within Rumble Quest.

Learn to Use Powerful Techniques

One of the most effective techniques in the game is the Tornado Technique. Let the enemies get close to you and launch a powerful Tornado that will send your rivals flying through the air. Funny right?

As you level up, your life recharges to the max. This fact means that you can take a break and have to be aware of desperately dodging enemy attacks.

Discover the Secrets in Rumble Quest

In each level there can be different rooms, which can be opened as you progress and finish with all the enemies. Receive your prize for killing the king of the orcs “King Orc”, but remember that it is not so easy. To defeat him, you must be well prepared and armed. The ideal is to be able to attack him between the whole team so that he can fall very quickly.

In Rumble Quest, you can choose between three levels of difficulty; easy, medium and difficult. Recommending starting from the easy mode so you can get used to it and understand the game a little better. In Hard Mode, they will likely kill you fairly quickly if you haven’t been able to acquire good skills.

Work as a Team to Win

It is important to take advantage of the level of your fellow players, they may have better skills than you. So they can surely help you save more than one occasion. Work as a team and you will see results!

Try to kill the skeletons that do not let you advance in the game. They are also the perfect enemies to level up quickly

Get weapons during the game and combine them to be victorious in your battles. From swords for melee to magical weapons that will cast powerful spells that will end the lives of your rivals in no time.

Within the game you can get many skills, but not all of them are focused on the attack, you can also heal yourself or the different members of your team.

Rumble Quest Codes

Within this world of Rumble Quest almost all the codes we get are to benefit from the economy we have within the game. With them we can buy new weapons and skills.

Rumble Quest ROBLOX

Rumble Quest Promocodes:

  • secret
  • tomb
  • gems
  • coins
  • release
  • freegems

The activation of these codes is really simple, since on the right of our screen you can activate the twitter icon where the menu to enter the codes is activated. Copy them and take advantage of all the advantages they offer you!

Advantages and Disadvantages of ROBLOX Rumble Quest

Battle games usually carry implicit degrees of violence and for this reason, from Mundoblox we recommend that this type of games be always supervised by the adult so that they make the best decision for the child. Below are the PROS and CONS of Rumble Quest to help you make this choice.


  • Improves concentration.
  • Promote teamwork.
  • It’s a very entertaining game.


  • It can be addictive./li>
  • Interaction with other users may pose a risk to the minor.
  • The game contains actions of violence and fighting.
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