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ROBLOX Restaurant Tycoon 2 Guide 2020


The Tycoon2 Retaurant can fulfill the dream that many people have of having a restaurant , get ready to live a very original and fun adventure that will make you get hours of fun.

Do your best to prepare the best international dishes, so that you can accumulate points and have the best restaurant in the world. With our guide you can be the king playing Restaurant Tycoon 2.

Curiosities of Restaurant Tycoon 2

It is an extremely entertaining game , which in its second installment brings improvements and new features, from the hand of the Ultraw developers, who have taken pains to have an improved version of this wonderful game.

Your mission is not only to have a great restaurant, but you must strive to work so that it always grows. One of the main objectives is to be aware of the time to be able to serve all your clients well.

In Restaurant Tycoon 2 there are two types of currency , cash that works as the main currency and diamonds that have a more secondary use within the game.

Don’t think that you are only going to have to serve simple dishes. As you progress through the game you will have to prepare the most exclusive dishes from around the world and of course with a certain level of demand.

You can have the opportunity to visit your friends’ restaurants to enjoy and experience how they are doing with their place. as they have their decoration and the value of their meals. Without a doubt, on this tour you will be able to recognize the difference between new restaurants and those that already have time.

One of the funniest features is the one that offers the possibility of choosing the name of your restaurant. Do you already have one in mind? Remember that a good name is usually the key to success!

At the beginning of the game you will have to receive the orders, prepare the food and make sure it is delivered on time to the customer. A challenge for those who have always wanted to have a restaurant.

Restaurant Tycoon 2, in short, is quite entertaining and full of all kinds of details. For example, you can see when you cut and chop food, place it in the pan and wait for the dish to be ready, to go to serve it to the table.

Tips and Tricks within Restaurant Tycoon 2

Hire the default staff to prepare your initial restaurant and start growing.

Enter the name of the restaurant you want and start looking for the designs that exist. Define the type of food you are going to sell and get a map of the countries that stand out for their culinary art.

To start you must receive your order and go to the kitchen to combine the ingredients and prepare the required food. You have to be aware because you have an assigned time to serve your clients each day, if you manage to serve them all you will have additional rewards.

As you progress, you can obtain a prize that allows you to cook new dishes that are within your style, although you can also incorporate foods that are from other countries. With the earnings you can gain more skills and bring more dishes to your customers at the same time.

Come to the store and do not forget to bring your tip jar, so that you can get more money from the customers who visit you.

Buy Beautiful Furniture for your Restaurant

When you earn coins you can start buying better furniture and good decoration that will give your restaurant a different look. It is very important that the better you look

You must understand that while it has a better appearance, then you will get a greater number of clients.

The new Drive Thru update allows customers to order and pay without leaving their vehicle.

Work hard to achieve and advance to the level, because the game can get so interesting that you will have the ability to build a second floor.

Also, if you collect a good amount of diamonds, you can buy your own car , a great achievement that you can acquire in the game’s accessories inventory.

As you advance within Restaurant Tycoon 2, wonderful accessories will be unlocked that will make your restaurant a special place to eat.

Restaurant Tycoon 2 Codes

This time we provide you with all the codes that the ROBLOX Restaurant Tycoon 2 has available, with the idea that you can acquire more coins and better develop your ideas.

Similar games to Restaurant Tycoon 2

Before you start looking for games similar to Restaurant Tycoon 2, remember that it is an improved version of the previous Restaurant Tycoon.

Being a game of Tycoon mechanics, famous for building construction mechanics, there is a great variety of games that can be found within the same ROBLOX platform.

Airport Tycoon!

If you are a lover of construction games, in Airport Tycoon you will be able to build your own airport and serve customers who want to fly with your fleet of planes. This game is very similar to Restaurant Tycoon 2, something that we can find in this type of construction game is the ability to pretend to be the owner of our own business.

Super hero tycoon

Another very interesting proposal within Tycoon games is being able to pretend to be a specific character. In Super Hero Tycoon we will have to create our own unit of super heroes to be able to fight against the forces of evil. A different game that will let us be the protagonists of our superhero story.

Luxury Hotel Tycoon 2

Similar to Restaurant Tycoon 2 , the Luxury Hotel Tycoon 2 gives us the possibility to develop our own hotel. Players will start by building a small hotel to accommodate visitors to our city and gradually improve it to create the best hotel in the world. Feel free to try this game as it is as much or more fun than Restaurant Tycoon 2.

Harry Potter Tycoon

For lovers of the Harry Potter film saga comes this Tycoon-style game. Enter the world of magic with Harry Potter Tycoon and battle with your friends within the game and defend Hogwarts from the magical hordes of the enemy. An entertaining way to spend the afternoon with laughter and spells.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Restaurant Tycoon 2 by ROBLOX

Despite being a game suitable for all audiences, there are pros and cons when playing this video game. So before playing Restaurant Tycoon 2 it is convenient to read the following table.


  • Stimulates creativity.
  • Encourage socialization.
  • Stimulates mental abilities.


  • It can be highly addictive./li>
  • Adult supervision is necessary to avoid interactions with unwanted users.
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