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ROBLOX Legends of Speed ​​Guide


In ROBLOX Legends of Speed ​​you will become a legend, becoming the fastest being that has ever existed. You will only need time, practice and a good guide to be able to achieve it.

Live a great adventure where you will have to compete in various races , in addition to enjoying traveling thanks to various maps that will show you the way.

Legends of Speed ​​is undoubtedly a great Roblox game that provides a lot of entertainment to those who decide to spend time playing , you can travel to space, collect pets to accompany you, in addition to obtaining some challenges that fall within the parkour mode.

Curiosities of Legends of Speed

Share races where you compete with other colleagues, so you can choose a good final prize. Keep in mind that you will always be able to distinguish the level of speed that these have.

Once you acquire a pet, your trip will no longer be alone, because it will go with you everywhere and at the speed that you have acquired.

Get ready because if you are able to win 50 races or more, you will have the opportunity to ride a rocket and travel through all space.

As you gain speed you will be able to do some extraordinary jumps , which will save you a lot of time in the game, as well as gain greater speed.

Practice Parkour and Win Your Friends

The jumps in the middle of the race will help you to be able to contemplate the whole panorama that you have and can even help you to visualize other chests, prizes and even portals.

You will be surprised by the number of routes that exist within the game, and its design has been very well developed, with quite original colors and very real images. On the other hand, as you advance to a level or move on to another career, the scenario changes completely , this makes it a very dynamic and varied game.

Ultimately, a quite entertaining game that allows us to be active all the time, focusing on the road despite the speed, to be able to visualize the opportunities that are at our side.

In this game you can not only go at high speed, but you can visit different worlds.

Tips and Tricks in ROBLOX Legends of Speed

You must start at the simplest level so that you can gain experience and understand how this game really works.

Consume all the lights that cross your path, so that you can take more energy and points that you will need later

Get the blue chest and get a new speed, managing to add up to 1,000 steps in one go.

Get on various buildings that are marked so that you have new actions within your route.

You can review the speed that you currently have represented by speed steps, as you progress through the game and overcome obstacles, you can vary until you become one of the fastest that exists.

Rebirths can be a good alternative in this game, because it gives you the possibility of obtaining a speed multiplier and accessing a good amount of gems.

Do not lose sight of the chests that this game offers you, they are many and varied. You have to concentrate because if you go at a good speed it is possible that you will miss some of these prizes.

The portals that are presented can be very interesting because you can go to other worlds, with a certain level of complication, even jumping over islets on the water, to finally get your great reward that comes in another chest. In addition, these awards can help you level up in one go.

Visit the crystals and buy your pets that will give you greater power in the game, that is if you have to collect enough gems for you to do so. You can buy as many pets you want, they will accompany you all your way.

Very pending because you can climb some of the buildings and get a magic chest that is on the roof and give you a good amount of gems.

In short, it is a very intelligent game, where you seek to improve yourself.

Legends of Speed ​​codes

A complete list of codes that will allow you to improve each time in this game, activate them immediately and you will see how you get attractive rewards that will give you a greater opportunity.

Legends of Speed ​​ROBLOX

Legends of Speed ​​Promocodes:

  • racer300
  • speedchampion000
  • SPRINT250
  • legends500
  • Launch200
  • hyper250
  • sparkles300

All you have to do is click on the blue icon on the right of your screen and indicate the corresponding code, trying to place it correctly. It would be easier to be able to give it a copy and paste.

Games Similar To Legends of Speed

Without a doubt, this game reminds us of the incredible Sonic, which is still a current game, which bases its achievements on the speed of its legs. In addition, Sonic is current for having a new movie in the cinema.

Others are speed games where the player can recognize himself while playing Legends of Speed. One of these is Mirror’s Edge or Assassin’s Creed and their parkour style makes them clear references for Legends of Speed.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Legends of Speed

Like all games, there are beneficial and counterproductive factors that must be taken into account. Remember to play in moderation and regulate the playtime of the little ones in the house. To facilitate this process, we have made a selection of the pros and cons of Legends of Speed.


  • Suitable for all ages.
  • Devoid of violence
  • Helps improve mental skills and eye-hand coordination
  • So much fun and entertaining


  • Needs parental control to avoid hours of exposure to gambling.
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