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Piggy – Complete Guide for ROBLOX Professionals


Anyone who wants to become an expert at playing Piggy on the ROBLOX platform have come to the right place. In this guide you will discover some curiosities of this game, as well as a deep analysis of the advantages and disadvantages that the smallest of the house can have when using it.

Piggy is a very fun game where the player becomes a police officer who must escape and unlock a number of secret codes , which will be placed by Piggy herself. This one, however, who has the mission of keeping all the other members of your group locked up and trapped. Can you win and not be caught by that evil being?

Origin and curiosities of the game

Undoubtedly its origin comes from the British television program Peppa Pig , where you can denote part of its history and also elements that appear in this great series. By the way, the resemblance is not only of the protagonist but of all her characters.

So far we have been able to decipher 12 chapters that are staged in different places where Peppa Pig based her life. Piggy is a group game allowing up to a total of 6 people to join each of the 12 mentioned chapters.

The 12 chapters are staged in different scenarios in which at the moment there is the Piggy House, the School, the Forest, the Hospital, the Metro, the City, the Carnival, the Shopping Center among others.

Players must avoid Piggy at all times, trying to escape from where they are. In it we can die having two options, the first that Piggy herself gives us many hits with a bat and the second, which is rare in ROBLOX games, is that we fall from the third floor.

Another of the curiosities of this game is that sometimes Piggy touches us in full action and nothing happens to us, however sometimes he can threaten us from a distance with his bat and hit us.

In-game tips and tricks

The game modes can be selected, although there are some that are really fun. Among them is Bot, where Piggy tries to catch each of the participating players.

Ideally, start looking within the game for keys and hammers that will help you escape from the places where Piggy wants to catch you. It is not easy to get them because their location is always random, so keep in mind that when you go to the same level, they will not be in the same place. This certainly adds value to the game, because we can go through the levels infinitely many times and we are not going to get bored.

The hammers are ideal so that you can remove the boards that obstruct the passage when you want to leave where Piggy has trapped us, we can remove the doors and many times even walls that are made of this material.

Find the keys inside Piggy

The keys come in different colors and allow us to identify their action, for example the green keys are used specifically to unlock a lock of the same color, the ones that are yellow and purple are special so that the boxes can be opened powerful.

When we are in a locked room, it will be extremely practical to use the green, red, light blue and orange keys, because these are special to open the doors that have us locked in a room.

The pistol is an extremely practical and interesting weapon because it is not deadly, it only helps us to stun Piggy for only a few seconds.

On the other hand, there are objects that are considered special because they are not present in all chapters, such as the code bar that is to unlock the main door, it is only available in chapter one, eight and nine.

Gasoline is another of these special objects, it serves to start the car and escape. We will only be able to get it in chapters 2 and 11.

There are various tutorials that have been designed by youtubers, with the purpose of how to get rid or have new tricks to get out unscathed in each of the levels of this video game.

How many keys are inside Piggy?

As you have already seen, the importance of finding the keys inside Piggy is high. But how many keys are inside Piggy? Do not worry we have counted them for you.

All Keys in Piggy

  • Green key: Allows you to unlock the green locks.
  • Red key: Get this key and you can open the hatches or doors of the same color.
  • Celestial key: With this, like the previous ones, you will be able to open closed rooms.
  • Orange key: Like the previous ones, it is used to open a specific type of doors according to the color of the key.
  • Yellow key: Very useful to open safes.
  • Purple key: As the yellow key is used to open the safe of its color.
  • White key : This key opens the escape door, except in chapter 12 where you can open a white safe that gives us the necessary coins to get the deck.

Piggy Codes

We present you some codes of this significant game that will help you decipher many tools and discover new ways to escape from Piggy. In addition, these are part of new tricks and keys that you may not have known to date.


Promo Codes Piggy

  • PiggyPlayer50
  • FirstCode
  • MiniToonTokens

Similar games to Piggy

It should be borne in mind that when we talk about a similar game, reference is made to the similarity between the characteristics of the game by having its players trapped within a particular space. There are several games on the market and in different game consoles with these characteristics , however we present those that we consider the 3 that best meet this condition.


This is one of the games that can be similar to Piggy, with the difference that instead of being an adorable and pink “pig” the one that chases you is a sweet and terrifying granny. Yes, you must flee from Granny because if she finds you you can be sure that you will be dead. In addition, the game provides you with tools that help you escape.

Left 4 Dead

It is a famous survival game where 4 companions must ensure their lives fighting with different hordes of zombies. The game is very intense since from time to time a special zombie hunts you and you may find yourself besieged with great ease. The game obtained a good acceptance between the players and it is possible to enjoy a second part; Left 4 Dead 2.

Dead by daylight

Perhaps it is one of the games most similar to Piggy in terms of mechanics. A terrifying serious killer lurks nearby and 4 survivors must work together to slip him and escape. Take on the role of serial killer or survivor and have a terrifying and fun experience with your friends.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Piggy

Just like any video game we can find a series of advantages and disadvantages when using it very frequently.


  • Stimulate children’s intelligence by proposing tests.
  • It favors collaboration and communication within the group as it is necessary to survive.
  • Motivates research and inquiry into exhaust systems.


  • Needs review by adults for the type of content that the game offers.
  • Contact with people you cannot meet is a risk
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