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Guide for ROBLOX High School 2


ROBLOX High School 2 is one of the favorite and most famous games that this platform has, are you ready to enter your new school? You must be willing to make groups with your classmates to advance, although there are also tasks that are very individual.

Get ready to spend pleasant moments in this game, share wonderful experiences with your friends. Play the minigames within ROBLOX High School 2 and don’t miss any details with our extensive game guide.

ROBLOX High School 2 trivia

When you enter you can choose the role of how you are going to play it, that is, you can be a teacher, athlete or student, the latter being one of the favorites and most played.

Those who enjoyed the first installment of the game will realize that many things have changed, even the school where you are going to study and the rooms where you receive classes. ROBLOX High School 2 has been remodeled to make it a unique and unforgettable experience.

Within this installment of the game you can choose new characters, which can help you to have a better experience within the game. A very useful tip is to interact with all the characters that are in the game to be up to date at all times.

Discover All Game Locations

Visit the cafeteria and do not forget to make life in it. Eat their delicious dishes and look for other players with whom to exchange objects and accessories. You can also go shopping by visiting the multiple stores that you will find within the game. Remember that there are many hidden secrets in each of these places.

Buy your uniform and stand out from the rest of the players. Define your role – teacher or student – and develop an attitude to be a trendy character within ROBLOX High School 2

Go through the whole institute looking for the class you have, really a very original and fun game, I hope you have the opportunity to go to the cooking class and be able to observe the giant pots where you will receive your special training.

These cooking classes are great because they give you instructions on what to do and cook , that is if you are going to compete with your colleagues to prepare the best dishes. Remember that you will have little time to do it!

Outside the school you will have a series of buildings available that will have many surprises and actions to carry out. Can you imagine being able to buy a vehicle and be the envy of the whole school? Visit all the stores, there is a car waiting for you!

In ROBLOX High School 2 there are no random items. As a student you must be very attentive since when the sirens sound you must follow the fire drill. Have a great time with your friends in this wonderful game!

Tips and tricks inside ROBLOX High School 2

Attend the fun cooking classes where you can get the ingredients they ask for and place them in the pot to cook the best dishes and thus win over your friends. Remember to be very focused to remember where each product is.

To be successful in this cooking class you must be very aware of the materials that are placed at the top of the screen. When you get all the ingredients you must mix them quickly, otherwise the counter will reach zero and you will see how you cannot complete your plate, losing in this fun minigame. Remember that whoever manages to prepare the most dishes wins!

Explore the different classes of the College

When you enter some classes you may have to go for a team run to catch the most prizes in the hallways of our school. On the screen you will be able to see the progress of both teams, to finally see who is the winner.

If you are one of those who is afraid of mathematics, you should worry more, because the great surprise that this game has is that arithmetic problems will appear on your screen that you must solve and place the result with your keyboard to be evaluated.

You have just a few seconds to solve the problems and you should try to be the first to receive the most points. At the end of the round, the game itself will indicate who was the winner.

Outside of school you have your own school house, which you will be able to decorate according to your taste. Buy furniture cheaply and arrange the rooms as you wish. In ROBLOX High School 2 not everything will be attending classes.

ROBLOX High School 2 Codes

Below are all the codes that are available so that you can improve your skill when it comes to being in this game. The developers of Roblox High School 2 usually launch some of the game codes from their twitter account so do not hesitate to follow the official account of the game.

ROBLOX High School 2

Promo Codes ROBLOX High School 2

  • RHS2ad

Similar games to ROBLOX High School 2

ROBLOX High School 2 is the second installment of the mythical ROBLOX High School, so if you liked the first installment, it adds more depth to the game.

However, there are few quality games on the ROBLOX platform that look like this. Some like Escape From School Obby or Escape From School! they only keep in common with ROBLOX High School 2 that they are located within a college.

Other games, such as School of Princesses, focus the experience on becoming something very specific without having the depth and without offering the fun that High School 2 offers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of ROBLOX High School 2

The Pros and Cons of each video game help the user to have a clearer idea of ​​what powers each of the games presented in RobloxLoginSo be sure to visit this section to make sure that the little ones play games appropriate for their age.


  • Game highly recommended for children between 6 and 12 years old.
  • Improve math skills and skills in other subjects.
  • It is fun.


  • Control playing time as it can be addictive.
  • Control the interaction of users with other players.
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