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Discover the Secrets of Skywars on ROBLOX – 2020 Guide


ROBLOX Skywars is presented as a great entertainment alternative. Eight players spread over 8 islands must face each other to survive by building blocks and structures.

The video game is a very fun option where you can test your skill and dexterity. Build your barricades with ease so as not to let your rivals see you and annihilate you. Remember that whoever survives will win!

Origin and Curiosities of Skywars

ROBLOX Skywars is developed by 16bitplay Games, who create an interpretation of their own version of Minecraft, basing its mechanics on building with blocks.

Players must wait in a waiting room for the rest of the rivals to be prepared. Once the game begins, all the players will be spread over the different islands and will begin to compete for their survival.

So the rest of the players will set as their main objective to kill the rest of the players. In this life and death battle, players will earn points based on how long they are alive during the game.

Build Pico y Pala

In order to guarantee your survival as a player, in Skywars you will start with a pickaxe, a bow, a sword and many blocks to be able to build your safe space.

The best strategy in the game will be to be constantly on the move. For this, your rivals will have serious difficulties to catch you and thus gain a little advantage over them.

Do not entertain! Think that many of your rivals will be competing to build an indestructible fort and become the champion of survival.

Tips and Tricks for Skywars

Below are a series of tips and tricks to help you survive more effectively within Skywars. Thanks to them you can take advantage of your rivals.

The game ends in two possible ways, either you are the only survivor of the 8 participants in the game or you stay alive until the counter reaches zero. So you can build your strategy based on these two ways to win .

Build your own Barricade

At the beginning of the game you will have a pickaxe with which you can extract blocks to build your own bridges and barricades with which to resist. During the game you can buy weapons with the game’s own currencies and if you want to speed up this process you can also buy them by paying with ROBUX.

Use the barricades to avoid the arrows of your rivals, they will start attacking you once you fall on the island. Find a safe place and hurry to protect yourself. Control the life counter on the screen and prevent your little hearts from emptying.

A good Bridge is the Key in Skywars

It is very important that you know that to get to the neighboring islands you will need to build a good bridge. So plan your strategy to get to the rival’s island before anyone else and surprise him. Remember that you can survive or go straight for your enemies. You choose!

You may be interested to know that each island has minerals that you can extract with your pick. By doing so you will not only have good resources but you will also get coins. There are also other types of islands that provide special resources. Look for them and get a big advantage over your rivals!

As you will see in Skywars there are thousands of things that you must do and the best thing is that you cannot stop at any time. So mining, cutting, shooting arrows, melee fighting, drawing your sword, placing cubes and trying to get the most minerals and coins should be your priority if you want to survive.

Skywars Codes

The codes we use to enter these types of games can be the big difference to win a good game, so get ready to use them and get the advantage you need.

Skywars ROBLOX

Skywars Promocodes:

  • Santabot
  • Sparklez
  • Frankenstein
  • sword
  • ghost
  • sparklez
  • snowman
  • penguin
  • polarbear
  • korblox
  • icegolem
  • iceknight
  • icequeen
  • dragon
  • zombie
  • skeleton
  • monster

You can also change your appearance and stand out with all these codes, which have already been updated for this year, a complete list that brings many surprises and that you cannot miss.

Similar games to Skywars

Undoubtedly, the origin of this game comes from the famous Minecraft , because this is a style where you have to seek to survive on an island, being very popular and played worldwide. In fact it is available in any version that exists.

Although we must highlight in Minecraft it already has a great design and more than 45 maps to play it. So if you are looking for a good alternative to Skywars go to the original source.

Advantages and Disadvantages of ROBLOX Rumble Quest

Skywars is a game suitable for all audiences. The battles that are represented are very harmless and the game offers many hours of fun and entertainment. To better inform you about the PROS and CONS of SkyWars.


  • Game suitable for all audiences.
  • Improves the ability to concentrate.
  • It is an entertaining and fun game.


  • Although the level of violence in the game is not high, it is up to the adult to assess the suitability of the content for the minor.

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