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Discover All the Secrets with Kitty’s Guide for ROBLOX


Kitty is a game for ROBLOX in which you control a little mouse and it must travel the entire house. During this adventure you will find all kinds of difficulties. With such simple mechanics, this entertaining and fun playable proposal is presented.

Do you love games where you can control a little animal? Then Kitty is going to make you fall in love. Since it is a game prepared for the enjoyment of the smallest of the home.

How Do You Start Playing Kitty?

At the beginning there is a draw to see if you will be selected to be a cat or a mouse. Depending on the result, you will be in charge of hunting or being hunted by the rest of the players.

It should be noted that when it comes to being part of the cat team, the game is much more fun, since you can chase the rest of the players.

Play Cat and Mouse

The mechanics of the game are very simple, as a mouse you must avoid being caught by cats. However, the really fun thing is chasing all the players, catching them and catching them being a cat.

As a mouse you must hide and know the house by heart to find the best possible place. As a cat you will do the same but you will have to look for the different players who fulfill the role of mice. Catch them before they get the magic key!

Play Kitty in Company

Kitty is a game designed to be played both in groups and individually. So it is normal to see different mice running around the place in search of a good shelter.

Enjoy the aesthetics of the game and immerse yourself in a world full of striking colors. It is sure to be a pleasure for the little ones in the home.

If, on the other hand, you decide to play a solo game, you must convince at least one partner , since the minimum number of players admitted is two – one with the role of cat and the other for the role of the mouse.

Every time you are going to get new maps that allow you to be in different places or places, in fact there is already a version or update with a chapter 3, where Kitty is already in Pepa Pig’s house.

Tips and Tricks for Kitty from ROBLOX

The main mission of the game, as we have already mentioned, will be to catch the magic key that allows you to open new doors and thus escape from the claws of the mouse. With this fabulous key we can also help our companions to get out of the cat’s prison.

You must be very careful since the cat can be anywhere waiting for you to trust yourself to catch you. Everything will depend on your ability to slip away.

One tip that will be very useful is to be very careful because the house will be full of traps ready to catch you. So you must dodge them before being caught by the cat.

Find that Damn Key!

You must desperately search the entire house until you get your first green key . In order to continue exploring, you must open rooms and from there take a board that serves as a bridge to reach new places in our house, even the basement.

Said basement of the house holds many mysteries for you, which can make this little mouse’s journey more fun. Above all because there we must rescue little Pinky (a very pretty little mouse) who is alone and trapped, if we succeed, the game gets there, winning us.

Visit the Store and Buy Accessories

Be sure to visit the store so you can buy more accessories for the malevolent cat, but we can also buy more cheese to have a greater advantage in this magnificent game.

Visiting the store is great advice as it is a great advantage whether you are a mouse or a cat. Buy new traps or accessories to mislead your pursuer. Explore everything you can as the game has many surprises. Who knows, you might even go to visit outer space! You imagine?

Being a cat is not that simple

The difficulty that arises when you are a cat is being able to get the mice in a house that has many rooms and three levels. It’s not going to be easy to keep track of these, although when you see it, they can almost always be caught.

If you are a cat and manage to catch all the mice before the game time ends, you become the winner of this game, on the other hand, if you are a mouse you must sneak away and not get caught at any time because if you are not going to spend the rest of time locked up in jail. Unless another mouse opens the cell with the special key.

Kitty ROBLOX Codes

Get completely easy all the codes that this Kitty game for ROBLOX has, which you can exchange for a good amount of cheese. This can be extremely necessary in your stay in this game.


PromoCodes Kitty

  • IJustMemo
  • B&N
  • Noangy2
  • 20KTwitter
  • UP5NOW
  • 10KUsers

Similar games to Kitty ROBLOX

Recalling the famous Tom and Jerry series, this game is presented as the eternal chase of a cat on one or more mice. We can get some games that have a similar purpose, such as the remembered Ratty Catty, where both live incredible adventures inside a house. Of course where Ratty steals the cheese to give it to their babies and Catty tries to avoid it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Kitty

As it is a classic game – mouse and cat – Kitty is harmless for the little ones at home to play. So you will easily have them entertained while they have fun and laugh to avoid being caught or to catch the rest of the mice.


  • Suitable for all audiences.
  • Fun and very entertaining.
  • Encourage teamwork.


  • Given its high fun, it can cause the child to spend hours in front of this game.
  • It is recommended to adjust the playing time and interaction that your child can perform in ROBLOX.

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