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Complete Guide to Assassin on ROBLOX


The Assassin game within the ROBLOX platform is one of the most popular of the moment. The player must try to kill a third while preventing the rest of the players from hunting him down and taking your life. The mechanics are simple , a free-for-all that will offer endless hours of fun. Play with other players or your friends and put your skills as an assassin to the test.

Origin and Curiosities of Assassin

Assassin is an extremely entertaining game that will take you to very exciting levels of fun. Gain experience by defeating your enemies while you complete the missions that the game has prepared for you.

Within the game we have the ability to customize your character to camouflage yourself from your rivals. Choose the best models so that your rivals do not recognize you and thus catch them by surprise.

There is the possibility to change weapons at any time you want. You must bear in mind that when you change weapons you must learn its functions. If you play Assassin in a group you will have to take care of your companions to fulfill the mission of assassins. Trust the group and try not to just go and kill the rival team. They will be waiting for you armed to the teeth!

The game has capacity for a total of 50 simultaneous players and the last one alive will be the winner. Play in the purest Hunger Games style!

In-game tips and tricks

The game mechanics are very simple, you must try to attack your rivals stealthily and end their lives. Remember that the difficulty of the game is to survive your rivals, who will have you as their objective.

The missions of the game are shown in the upper central area in which it will indicate which opponent is our next objective. When we manage to kill our rival, they will give us a score and the next objective to defeat. You will need to watch out for this indicator if you want to be successful within Assassin.

Get ahead of your next goal!

Keep in mind that the missions can grow and you must not only kill one player, but you can have the mission to kill two. So you must be aware of the screen so that you can continue and do the mission correctly.

At a certain point, boxes begin to fall from the sky, which must be destroyed to receive money as a reward. Try not to leave any out, because this money will help you meet your goals.

The smoke grenade can help you hide from your opponents or to make a surprise attack, on the other hand using the keys you can change at any time the tool or weapon of war you are using. Be careful because other players can attack you at the unexpected moment and appearing out of nowhere.

At the start of the game you can vote for the kill you want to play in. Each kill has its own secret areas and strategies. Know each map and become a murder expert. There are really interesting maps, combining different styles and areas.

At any time you can change your weapon and have a sword, dagger or bow. This is a player’s decision and it will depend on the skill with which you use the keyboard.

All Assassin Codes

The codes within the Assassin game can help us unlock different objects that appear on our journey, helping to obtain weapons that may be essential.

Get ready to receive the best rewards that players can receive, without having to scrutinize the game much, but with real codes.

Assassin Roblox

Assassin Promocodes:

  • walruspls

3 Games similar to Assassin

Perhaps there are many games where action and adventure are present, but being so similar to Assassin is a bit difficult. However, we highlight 3 proposals for games similar to Assassin that you will surely like:

You are the murderer

As its name implies, it is a violent game where you have to kill all the people who really approach you. You only have to take care of some of the guards that appear in the game, which will chase you until they also kill you. Without a doubt, this ROBLOX game has a lot of similarity to Assassin.

Escape from the killer

It is another free game within ROBLOX, which can go into these kinds of trends. However, in this case we are the victims and we must escape. Many times in an office or company environment you have to escape and discover who your murderer may be.


Piggy is undoubtedly the hot game in ROBLOX and its similarities to Assassins make it a worthy candidate to be on this list. If you play the infection mode, you will start out as a player who takes the role of this terrifying pig or a survivor who wants to avoid death. But the players, when caught by Piggy, will not die, they will transform into her and will have to catch the rest of the survivors. The last one standing wins!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Assassin

As in all kinds of games there are certain advantages and some contraindications when exposing the smallest of the home. It should be remembered that Assassin does not propose an aggressive game system and that it does not explicitly address violence, which makes it recommended for young people over 9 years of age.


  • Highly entertaining game.
  • It favors communication and teamwork.
  • Helps improve reaction capacity and reflexes.


  • The minor can spend many hours playing without realizing it.
  • Assassin’s violence is not explicit but must be withdrawn if it affects the character of the minor.
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