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Adopt Me! – Complete Guide to be a Professional


Welcome to the world of Adopt Me !, in which you will have the challenge of adopting one or more pets and taking care of your baby. You are about to connect to an interesting external world, where you will be accompanied by more than 500,000 people who connect every day to enjoy this excellent game.

Initially the game is developed so that the player who plays the adult role is the one who takes care of the baby. Although little by little you will discover and investigate what the world of Adopte Me! going to offer the player.

⭐ Origin and Curiosities of Adopt Me!

Adopt Me! It was designed by two users of the Roblox platform. NewFissy who became the coordinator of the project and was responsible for all the sequences that the game commands have and for Bethink, who was in charge of giving the game a more creative side. The combination of both makes Adopte Me a very interesting game where the player will not find moments of boredom.

Created by DreamCraft, Adopt Me builds on the experiences already offered by a similar game. Adopt And Raise a Bay was a title that laid the foundations for Adopt Me. The original is no longer available within the ROBLOX platform.

One of its greatest curiosities is the growth and development that it has had in a very short time, reaching an enviable figure of 450,000 recurring players every day. Adopt Me has become so far this year the most played game on the ROBLOX platform , surpassing more than 7 million players.

⭐ Tips and tricks inside Adopt Me!

First of all, we must know that this game is based on taking care of a family environment, that while it is more protected and has better services, we will earn more money.

Once you have a large family unit ready, you can get other players to participate with you, so in the end the adult in this game can win money as long as he has the possibility of keeping his baby and pet , always being aware that be hungry, be well groomed, maintain a good level of fun and if that wasn’t enough, keep an eye on your sleep values ​​too

In the same way, whoever plays like the baby should be must be aware of constantly receiving care and inviting their caregivers to attend to them, in this way they earn money.

The first step you should keep in mind is that you must create a site where you can receive donations, so you should start by looking at the pizzeria for the cash register and placing it at home . Create an eye-catching message to attract other players to your home and make donations. The decoration will be an important distinctive to get your friends and visitors to leave their money at the register.

Another way to earn money is by creating a primary account and a secondary account. With this you will get a second pet and you will be able to link it with that of your main character. You can repeat this process as many times as you want, since the more accounts you have linked, the greater the reward will be to increase your benefits.

⭐ How to hatch eggs in Adopt Me?

If you are a lover of this game, you will already know the importance of getting Pet Eggs. This is a good method to get your little companions, although it will require all your attention and care. Next we are going to show a small step-by-step guide to be able to incubate the eggs to have more pets in Adopt Me!

🧡 Get eggs and start hatching them

To get eggs within Adopt Me you must complete the tasks and objectives that you have set in your game. In this way, you will complete the experience bar of the egg. This bar indicates the time (shown in experience) that the egg takes to hatch. Once this bar is complete you can enjoy a new random pet . Remember that the rarer the egg, the better this pet can be.

🧡 Equip your egg

To begin, you must choose the egg that you want to hatch from inside your backpack. To do this, look for the icon at the bottom of the screen. There you will access the pets window, where you can also see the eggs that you have at your disposal. Choose (by clicking) the one you want to hatch and you will see how you will begin to have an egg that chases you everywhere.

🧡 Travel to the Island of Adoption

At Adopt Me you can spend a lot of time taking care of your home. In fact, many are the players who decide to create the best possible home for their friends and pets. However, you need to know that until you go to the Island of Adoption you will not start receiving tasks and missions that will help you progress in the game.

To travel to this Island, you just have to look for the portal with a sign titled “Tunnel to the Island of Adoption . ” When you cross this tunnel you will go directly to this Island and after a few minutes of interacting with the environment you will begin to receive the tasks to complete to gain experience and for the egg that accompanies you to hatch.

🧡 Complete All Your Tasks in Adopt Me

This tip or trick works for any situation within the game. So if what you want is to level up your pet, how to make it born or earn money in the game, you will only have to complete any mission that appears in the game to speed up this process.

There are two types of missions, the blue ones and the orange ones. Each of them have a different reward in terms of experience and the money that can be obtained. Oranges being the ones that give the highest value in general, so it is recommended to carry out this type of mission in a preferential way. The following trick is quite useful, if you click on the objective symbol an arrow appears that tells you where to go to complete it. This will be very useful in case you feel lost or lost in the game.

Most missions are aimed at completing the following in-game functions:

🧡 Blue targets

  • Dirty: So you will need to put your egg in a bathtub or shower to clean it. If you don’t have a bathtub in your home yet, find another player’s house that’s open and use their toilet.
  • Hungry or thirsty: If you go to school and go to kindergarten, you can feed your pet or keep the food in the backpack for later. Collect all the red apples you can from the teacher’s desk. Repeat this process if your pet needs to drink water.
  • Asleep: You will need to take your egg to a camping trip so that it can sleep, you can also use any bed.

🧡 Orange Goals

As we mentioned in the menu of the missions appear those in which you gain more experience. Here is a list of the orange objectives that you must attend as a priority:

  • Boring: Find a playground and entertain your pet and egg.
  • Camping: Who doesn’t have a good time at summer camp?
  • Sick: When this mission comes out your pet or egg will be sick. Find a doctor and heal your most precious asset.

🧡 Incubate your egg in Adopt Me

When you have completed all the missions and the experience bar is full, it hatches automatically. It is time to take care of your new pet until it reaches the adult stage and it teaches you new tricks. If you gather 4 equal adult pets you can turn it into Neon, and it shines!

⭐ How to Get the Blue Egg in Adopt Me?

If you are a regular Adopt Me player, you will know that getting a Blue Egg is something very valuable. Inside there is usually a legendary pet and therefore, it is a highly sought after egg by all users. And although this egg is not available right now, it is sometimes unlocked for a special event. So you must enter the game and be careful to unlock these wonderful eggs and thus get the funniest pets.

🧡 All Types of Eggs in Adopt Me

Within Adopt Me there are different types of eggs, some can only be found once within the game and others are simply obtained by paying. So that you have all the information available we have prepared a table in which you will find ALL the Types of Eggs within Adopt Me.All Eggs in Adopt Me

So to get all the eggs you must be attentive to the news that is published within the game , as well as on twitter where they usually give all kinds of information. On the last Easter Holiday the developers of Adopt Me! They hid up to 50 eggs throughout the game inviting users to find them in order to get the reward. Don’t miss another Roblox Egg Hunt!

⭐ How to hatch an egg quickly?

If, on the other hand, you are one of those who do not like to invest time in performing routine and repetitive tasks to see your egg hatch, you will only have to pay ROBUX to accelerate this process. You just have to select the egg you want to hatch and pay the stipulated amount of 45 Robux.

⭐ Adopt Me Codes!

The Codes that this game presents help us to earn more coins and also to get new items , that is to say that from these codes you will have the possibility of having the necessary resources to buy a new house, toys and even eggs to get new pets.

How to get Adopt Me! Codes? Well, if you are in love with this game you must have good reasons to advance in it, the ideal is to be aware of its developers who will be the ones who give the main guidelines on their sites. However, in Mundoblox we have made a compilation of all the most important codes and we are sure that we will keep them up to date so you can move forward. The following codes are active to facilitate your entry into the game.

adopt me codes

Adopt Me!

Promo Codes Adopt Me!

  • 1B1LL1ONV1S1TS
  • M0N3YTR33S
  • DiscordFTW
  • subbethink

⭐ 3 Games similar to Adopt Me!

There are many video games on the market that address the topic of adopting and caring for a pet. This type of video game helps our children learn about the responsibilities of having someone under their care. Here is a list of some of the video games most similar to Adopt Me !.

🧡 Nintendogs + Cats

It is a very interesting option because you must adopt a pet, either a dog or a cat, guaranteeing that it will grow strong and well cared for. It has the advantage that these virtual animals seem very real and can even lick your screen , which surprises you, as well as providing very real movements and barking.

🧡 Pet Feeding

This is another very entertaining game that helps you feed three types of animals or pets: Hamster, rabbit, cat and dog, for which you must choose the right food. This video game is not simple at all, as you level up the challenge becomes more complicated, making the smallest of the household very aware of the difficulties involved in having a pet under their responsibility. It is important to clarify that this game is online and completely free.

🧡 Net Pet

It is another of the games that we can get for free on the net , which is about a pet that must learn to live together inside a house, the game indicating its behavior, when it is hungry and even when it wants to play.

It is quite entertaining and allows us to live with a virtual pet inside our computer.

⭐ Advantages and Disadvantages of Adopt Me!

All video games have their strengths and their weaknesses, at Mundoblox we are determined to help you choose the best option for your entertainment.ADVANTAGE

  • Meet people from other countries and cultures.
  • Learn to have responsibilities in caring for pets and young children.
  • Interactive fun moments in a healthy environment.


  • Like all leisure, it needs parental control to avoid overexposure to gambling.
  • Contact with unknown users can be a risk. For this we recommend visiting our guide on
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